5 Affair Apps You Didn’t Know Existed

In the not so distant past, people would crack jokes about how there were so many apps, there was an app for everything. Commercials ruled the airwaves that had everyone saying there’s an app for that. It is such common knowledge that there is an app for everything, it isn’t even funny anymore. Now, we just instinctively search online for an app for whatever our newest interest is. No matter what that newest interest is. There may not always be an app that does exactly what you need, but there will be one related to whatever you want, and you can always check back later and there will probably be one developed at that point. Luckily, you don’t have to look very far to find affair apps that will do all sorts of cool and useful things for anyone having an affair. Here are five of the coolest affair apps you never knew existed.

Cool Affair App # 1 – Slydial

Slydial is this cool little affair app that lets you dial a person’s phone straight to their voicemail. It works for all kinds of situations and reasons. Its great if your pressed for time, want to skip the pleasantries and just get to the point, or avoid an awkward conversation. It’s a highly efficient way to get in a quick message to your affair partner when you’re in a sticky situation. If you know she can’t answer the phone, give her a Slydial and she’ll still get your point. There are both Android and iPhone apps which both allow you to just chose a number in the apps stored numbers and go straight to the voicemail without having to dial the number or talk to anyone but the voicemail. —> Download Here

Cool Affair App # 2 – Call and Text Eraser (CATE)

CATE is a really handy affair app that takes all messages, calls and texts from certain numbers and destroys them. This thing is so secret that you can’t even see it. You open it by punching in a code into your phones keyboard. It runs smoothly in the background and will prevent anyone from going through your phone and seeing calls or messages from any number you enter into the blacklist. All traces are automatically erased. This app was initially developed by a police officer and received backing on the show Shark Tank. —> Download Here

Cool Affair App # 3 – AffairD

This hot little affair app is fresh out of the gate having just launched globally in summer of 2017. The affair app is billing itself as the Tinder for extramarital affairs and is offered marrieds a look into the online dating world without a chance of getting caught. The aim is to tackle the issues that married people find when they try Tinder. The biggest problems are getting ignored by other, single users, and being seen by family and friends. It’s a lose/lose situation for the married man on Tinder. AffairD caters toward marrieds who need an outlet to express themselves in a discreet way. —> Download Here

Cool Affair App # 4 – Silent Text

Silent Text is an app from a company called Silent Circle, and it is quite ingenious. The burn notice feature destroys the messages you end exactly when you tell it too. Enjoy peer-to-peer sharing of images, PDFs, and documents, as well as GPS locations. This is not a free app but the depth of encryption is more than a free site can afford. —> Download Here

Cool Affair App # 5 – Invisible Texts

You may not need to look any further once you download the Invisible Texts affair app. Can you send self-destructing photos? Of course. Nothing new about that. The amazing thing about this affair app is that you can self-destruct any message that’s been seen and you can also destroy messages that haven’t even been opened yet. Send video, SMS and pics to anyone on your list privately. Sadly, this is only an iPhone app at the moment. —> Download Here

Affair apps are all over the place and improving every day. Anything you need to help you covertly carry on an affair is out there and probably free. There are a few affair apps that have a small fee but if it is something you really need. It is invaluable.

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