CraigsList Has Removed Personal Ads – What Are The Best Alternatives?

We all knew it was coming. Craig’s List personal ads were just too much fun and made finding an affair to easy. We saw the progression from pure and simple NSA fun to more and more scammers, police stings, and criminals. Then came the day when it all stopped. Other sites like Backpage also dried up and went the way of the Dodo Bird. Fortunately, the Internet has a few tricks up its sleeve. There is always another great place to find a hook-up right around the corner. The key is knowing where to look. Looking to the Internet for anything you need has become a way of life but there are other alternatives as well.

Best Alternatives To Craigs List Personals? – Check your old favorite sites

Now that Craig’s List personal ads no longer exist, were all left looking for a new place to find some sexy fun. An easy fix is to try the other sites you’ve used before, even if they didn’t work that well. Things change quickly in the world of online dating. Sites add new features and their user bases grow almost daily. Check out some of the other sites and sex apps you’ve used like Tinder, Adult Friend Finder and Happn. Peruse their new features and see if you can find anyone new and interesting. Don’t forget, new people move to your neighborhood all the time, so you never know who you’ll find. Maybe that cute new cashier at the coffee shop.

Best Alternatives To Craigs List Personals? – Search for new sites like Craig’s List personal encounters

Craig’s List personals have gone and so have Backpage but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few still lingering out in cyberspace. City News has classified ads, as well as US Free Ads, and Oodle. Take some time to check out all the tabs and links. Personal ads are sometimes tucked away in an unexpected place. Search your local pages too. Most cities have an online classifieds page where you can find some personal ads. You can sometimes find them advertised on bus stop benches, the sides of large trucks and on flyers plaster throughout town.

Best Alternatives To Craigs List Personals? – Get out of the house

Believe it or not, you can find a hookup offline. It can be as simple as going to your local bar. Choose one that has a big crowd and offers their customers something besides alcohol. Bar games like billiards and darts are great conversation starts. Especially with a few cocktails included in the night. Go somewhere that people you know congregate so you’re not alone. A wingman is a big help. When you have a little help from a friend, you feel as confident as you can behind a screen.

Best Alternatives To Craigs List Personals? – Ask around the old-fashioned way

Remember back in the good old days when you found a sex buddy by asking your friends who the hot girl was at their BBQ last week? Nothing has changed. This is still a viable possibility. See if your sister or your cousin has a friend she thinks you’d click with. Check with your coworkers. They have friends too. Married couples love to set up their single friends. Put the word out that your looking for a casual dating buddy and your phone will start ringing like mad.

Best Alternatives To Craigs List Personals? – Hit the Adult Clubs

Every big city in the world has a swinger’s club. A place where singles and couples can go to engage in partner swapping, NSA hookups and all manner of kinky adult fun. They are pretty easy to find. Check local magazines back pages. Their usually listed there. Look for flyers on the bathroom walls of the local pub. Ask your kinkier friends if they know of such a place. Strip clubs are another wealth of information on where to find NSA sex and personal ads to find it.

CraigsList personal ads were great while they lasted and help many find a safe affair, but their demise isn’t the end of the world. All it takes is a bit of legwork and some creativity. Step out of the box and peruse avenues you previously thought useless. The world hasn’t changed. Just a few websites have shut down. There is always going to be a place to find personal ads and NSA fun. You just have to put in a little effort.

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