Can You Find An Affair On The Sex App Pure?

The sex app Pure is fairly new on the scene. Russian born Roman Sidorenko started the app that is purely for sexual contact, based on the belief that open relationships are the new monogamy. (Watch his story) It promotes itself as just a hookup site with text on its website such as Don’t Talk About Your Problems. Pure is For Fun” and “Act Like Strangers. No Texting, No Calling, No Approaching in Public”. They take their stance seriously, making this a great place to go to find an affair.

The Sex App Pure Brings Together Like Minded People

Using the Pure app connects you with people ready to be free of the constraints of the traditional societal models of sex and love. Users are free to be themselves and ask for whatever they want. It takes a bit of getting used to but after some experience on the app you find that it is easy to find an affair with someone interested in more diverse sexual experiences. The platform itself encourages users to explore authentic, if short-lived connections with like-minded people. Everyone’s intentions are quite clear, making it even easier to find an affair without the rigmarole of courting.

The Sex App Pure Connects You With Others Seeking Affairs

One of the more interesting features of this app and one that also helps find an affair, is that sign-up requires only a selfie. One single selfie is all it takes to sign up on the Pure dating app. The simplicity alone is enough to draw a wide user base. Everyone wants things simpler, faster and efficient in today’s world. Pure is all of things. In no other dating app available today can you find such a direct approach to casual sex and finding an affair and it may be the most brilliant thing to happen to online dating since its inception. You don’t need a phone number. There is no need for an email address and it has nothing to do with your Facebook profile. This is revolutionary when it comes to apps that help find an affair.

The Sex App Pure Has A Massive World Wide Membership Base

Another perk, although it isn’t essential to find an affair, is that the user base is worldwide. This wouldn’t affect your affair finding unless you are planning to travel the world but it sure doesn’t hurt. You never know when you may get the opportunity to take a trip abroad and this app makes sure you can find some fun time when you get there.

Pure Makes It Quick & Easy To Find An Affair

After the amazingly quick sign up you have a brief waiting period before getting a list of available matches. The catch is, they want to meet you right now. There is no time to hem and haw. Once matched, users have exactly one hour to get their act together. They must communicate to decide when and where to meet within an hour after which all evidence of communication is destroyed.

Women Don’t Pay To Join The Sex App Pure

Women can join the site for free. This is the smartest move ever for a dating site because it ensures there will always be a gob of women logged in all the time. Why not? They have nothing to lose by not paying a subscription. Men have to pay a small subscription but a free 7-day trial makes it easy to see how worth it, it really is. In just a week it is possible to find an affair as often as you want to or have time for. There is no risk of having to deal with her later because you only give out the information you want to. None of your personal information is stored on the site so there is nothing to find.

The Sex App Pure Is #1 For Finding An Affair

People get stuck using the same old apps out of comfort. They don’t want to take the time to learn how a new app works. Which just goes to prove that you should always stay ahead of the game by researching new dating apps on the regular. The Pure dating app is definitely the best app to find an affair. There is no way to go wrong. From the bold, plain and obvious intention of the site and its users, to the intuitive and innovative features their implementing, finding an affair just got supernaturally easy. Your life will never be the same.

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