Cheating Site Hacks You Never Thought Of

Cheating-Site-Hacks-You-Never-Thought-OfCheating happens in more than half of marriages today. Many millennials are leaning toward polyamorous style relationships and the use of cheating sites that entail sex with more than one partner. Sometimes all participants are aware, other times not so much. One piece of advice I like to give anyone that is considering having an affair or cheating is the goal must always be to not get caught. Your wife or main partner should always come first. To many guys fall into the trap of developing feelings torwards their side chick. This makes men sloppy and increases the chances of getting caught. No matter which way your relationship swings, here are some cheating site hacks that can really help out that no one has ever thought of. Read them, write them down, and use them in regularly if you plan to explore the world of affair dating. If you do your success rate will be much higher than you ever thought possible. All these hacks have been proven to work.


Make The Best Of Your Cheating Site Profile

Your profile is your window to the cheating world. It is what will gain you the attention you need to find a willing affair partner. (9 Rules For Writing Your Dating Profile) It’s worth spending some time on. The most important factor to keep in mind is not to lie. You may stretch the truth a bit but keep in mind that it is very possible that you will meet this person who will remember all the things you told her, even if you forgot. So make sure it’s the truth. You want to expose your greatest advantages and downplay your faults. Use your best pics and extol your virtues while sounding humble and sweet. The About Me section is super important as well. Don’t leave any sections blank unless you just have no answer at all. Women especially love a guy who likes animals and enjoys taking care of himself and her, so don’t leave that out of the profile.

The Messaging Process

There is a certain way to interact via a sites instant messaging service or email that will ignite the interest of any woman you’re talking to. Click here to learn how to flirt online. It entails a slow start that gets spicier as it goes and always ends with her phone number in your inbox. Foregoing any of the steps in the process can and probably will end in disappointment but there are still guys who feel it is a waste of time and go straight into the fray without any foreplay so to say. Begin your conversation with gentlemanly compliments and a bit of wit or humor. Follow through for several days with friendly, flirtatious messages, all the while staying in tune with her tone and style of writing. Staying classy goes a long way with women in an age of instant gratification.

Make The Right Cheating Site Choice

Cheating is a big deal and getting caught at it can bring you directly to the 7th ring of Hell. If you’re going to cheat, it is extremely important to choose the right site. Unlike other types of daters, you cannot simply post your best head shot for all the world to see at the first interesting hookup site you come across. You will have to take some time looking for a site that is exclusively for cheaters. They will offer added safety precautions and features sought after by cheaters. Things like private photo albums and fake app icons to hide your activity.

Use Less Words & More Action

A great way to accomplish your goals without being to loquacious is to show what your trying to say instead of tell. Don’t say your funny in your profile About Me section. Be funny instead. Don’t brag about your travels, show photos of your various trips. Women are adept at spotting lies online. They have adapted into dating site ninjas who can easily detect incongruous facts. Use photos as proof of your station in life and what you’re looking for instead of building yourself up and talking yourself into a corner.

What You Don’t Want is Important Too

One dating site hack that you never think about is straight out saying what you are not interested in and what you do not need in your life right now. Be very frank and upfront about what it is that you ARENT looking for. It saves time and makes things a lot easier, especially for cheaters. You can’t be too careful when you’re having an affair so getting this stuff out of the way right away puts you in the most advantageous position.

Go For Message Quality Over Quantity

Sending a flurry of messages won’t be of much help if they don’t have any substance to them. Don’t be one of those douche bags who fire off a billion cut and paste emails to every chick on the site. Women know when you’re doing that and it gets you nowhere fast. Instead, reply to who you are really interested in and let the rest go. Take the time to craft a quality response that answers her questions and pertains to what she wrote to you. Let her know you read every word she wrote and can relate to it.

There are a lot of little hacks and tips that make cheating online virtually foolproof. The key is to take your time and put at least a little thought in every move you make instead of just dashing everything off the cuff. In no time at all you’ll find you have landed yourself an official mistress.

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