4 Common Mistakes All Men Make When Having An Affair

There are a lot of things happening when you’re having an affair. Emotions run high. You’re having fun, so that’s all you care about at first. It isn’t until much later that you realize all the mistakes you made that could have been avoided with just a little forethought. The mistakes men make when having an affair are often simple things that lead to big trouble. Learning to avoid the mistakes men make when having an affair before you begin can save you a lot of stress and probably your marriage and sanity.

Mistakes Men Make When Having an Affair #1 – Using Their Own Phone

Never use your own personal cell phone when you are having an affair. It is one of the biggest mistakes men make when having an affair. I can’t stress this point enough. Get a burner phone. Buy a prepaid cell phone from a department store and use it for your affair partner exclusively. Never, under any circumstances, should you give her your real phone number. If possible, do not store your burner phone in your home or car. Keep it somewhere away from your personal life. You need a burner phone even if your wife never goes through your phone. Great Article – Why you should never go through your partners phone – There is always the off chance that she will one day. You should not keep it at home or in your car, even if she never goes through your things. You never know when she may accidentally run across it or just decide to go through your stuff.

Mistakes Men Make When Having an Affair #2 – Overacting and Being Defensive

Wrapped up in an affair, it’s hard to see yourself as other people are seeing you. Do you seem happier? Are you acting different? In reaction to this discovery, one of the mistakes men make when having an affair, and a big sign you are cheating, is to become overly defensive. You find yourself thinking “What did she mean by that? Does she suspect something?” to everything your wife says. You may even find yourself snapping at her just to get a bewildered look in return. Take care not to get to defensive when asked simple questions or something goes a little different than it usually does. You’re apt to be overly sensitive to what others see.

Mistakes Men Make When Having an Affair #3 – Underestimating the Affair

So many men, year after year, make the same mistake. So many so, there are movies made about the situation. You know the one. Two people have an affair and then when the excitement wanes, the man tries to break it off and the woman goes all Fatal Attraction on him. You never believe this is going to happen when you begin the affair. She seems perfectly normal. You’re aren’t exactly looking for signs of crazy right off the bat either. Do not automatically think that she is going to want to call the affair off when you want to. Also, do not assume she will want to call it off at all.

Mistakes Men Make When Having an Affair #4 – Location Errors

Another one of the mistakes men make when having an affair is to choose a woman who is too close to you geographically. Click Here to read about the perfect affair. It seems like smart choice at first. If she is close you can squeeze in time with her easier. Run over there when your off to the market. In reality, there is nothing smart about it. It suddenly becomes plausible to have her over for a quickie when the wife goes to yoga. What this really does is open the door to a whole host of other problems. People can see you together. You can get caught in the house. She will know where you live when things go sour. It is never a good idea. Instead, choose a woman who lives 25 or more miles from your home. Always go to her area to interact. Never bring her to your neck of the woods.

There are a lot of mistakes men make when having an affair. Knowing what the most common and deadly are before you hit the ground running can only help.

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