5 Facts About Donald Trump’s Affairs

5-Facts-About-Donald-Trumps-AffairsNo matter the outcome of the presidential election at the end of this year, it is sure to be historic for many reasons. Not only has there never been a larger role for both general media and social media throughout the entire election cycle, but the candidates themselves have made the campaign trail more popular than most reality television programs. Although, to be fair, every GOP debate was far more wild and entertaining than anything the Kardashians cook up. Still, the candidate pool throughout this election allowed for the very-real possibilities to have the first Jewish president, first female president, and first Hispanic president, as well as hosting such vastly-different platforms that the political landscape of our country a year from now has been all but clear. Yet, nothing has been more entertaining than Donald Trump’s involvement in the election. VIDEO: Some of Donald’s Best Sound Bites

Donald Trump began his run for the presidency simply for the media hype in hopes to save his failing hotel business, but ended up wanting the presidency in earnest as he got lost in his own aspirations. Now, he says and does whatever he wants to win the election and an alarming chunk of the population is eating it up and expecting him to be the best President of the United States that the world has ever seen. Every POTUS has had flaws, but you could write a book thicker than Webster’s Dictionary outlining all the reasons that Trump is the least-qualified man in the world to run the country. However, for the sake of brevity, let’s just take a closer look at Don’s personal failures in marriage. I’m only allowed so much space to rant, after all.

Donald Trump Affair Fact #1

1. His marriage to Ivana was only shiny on the outside. Donald Trump’s marriage to Ivana in 1977 was the birth of New York royalty, growing more and more auspicious each year. It has been said that they were the very definition of a power couple, and that their marriage was blissful in private and professional in public, composing themselves more like ambassadors on separate missions than a married couple. However, the decades after the divorce have facilitated the truth, and everyone now knows that this seemingly-royal and happy marriage was actually marred by discontent and hate on both sides of the aisle.

Donald Trump Affair Fact #2

2. Marla Maples ended his marriage to Ivana. His dissatisfaction with his marriage and self-entitlement are what led him to pursue Marla Maples and eventually have extramarital affairs with her while he was still married to Ivana. Discontent after Ivana discovered the scandal continued for another year or more though until Donald finally left her in 1992 and married (likely already-pregnant) Marla Maples a year later. Sadly, his marriage with Marla ended up being even more short-lived than expected, and he divorced her and married his third wife, supermodel Melania Knauss, in 2005.

Donald Trump Affair Fact #3

3. Ivana and Marla had it out. It turns out that being New York City royalty has its disadvantages. The tabloids in the city found out about Donald Trump’s and Marla’s affair before Ivana did, and the media ran the scandal on every front page it could find. This led to Ivana and Marla having a public dispute that would make Paris Hilton blush at a ski resort in Aspen, Colorado. Ivana apparently screamed expletives at Marla and told her to leave Donald alone, but we all know that the affair continued for a while after that incident until their separation in 1992.

Donald Trump Affair Fact #4

4. He admitted to the infidelity publicly. To his credit, Donald Trump did admit that he was having a long-time affair with Marla Maples and publicly apologized for the affair, although this act is somewhat tarnished by the fact that everyone had already known and he had no other choice. Still, this didn’t leave Ivana any less salty for years, but I’m sure the $25 million settlement she received when he left her for Marla helped dry her tears somewhat.

Donald Trump Affair Fact #5

5. He has implied that there may have been more. The scandal between Donald Trump and Marla Maples broke long before his divorce to Ivana, and it is well-known that he continued to see Marla throughout the separation. When publicly asked about his extramarital affairs, Donald Trump is honest about the Marla scandal but also quite elusive and indirect when asked about other allegations. Privately, it has been said that more than one additional affair has been covered up, but these are unproven at best. Still, most rumors have a shred of truth buried somewhere inside, and no one would be surprised if one of these possible secret affairs may have led to his divorce with Marla Maples in 1999.

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