February 13 – National Mistress Day

February-13---National-Mistress-DayNational Mistress Day started officially unofficial in the UK. It wasn’t long before American men realized they were in the same boat and picked up the tradition here. There really is no way a man in a committed relationship of any kind can spend Valentine’s Day without their significant other. Go Here For Some Cheap Valentine’s Day Date Ideas This leaves the men with mistresses facing a particularly prickly dilemma. Waiting a day late and celebrating with the mistress leaves her feeling like an old pair of shoes and no one wants an unhappy mistress. Making February 13 a day to celebrate the mistress relationship makes everyone happy.

It’s a handy tool for men, and placing the mistress’ day before valentines and the wife gives the mistress a little well deserved thrill. It comes in handy for the men because they can set aside this day to spend some time with the mistress, give her a gift and express your love, putting the whole situation to bed and freeing you up to spend the real day with your wife. It allows you the space you need to keep everything running smoothly.


Mistress Day Vs Valentines Day

The NY Daily News reported that many restaurants and florist find their business increases both the day of Valentine’s Day and the day before and has for years. Regular customers make two reservations that week and leave explicit instructions with the staff not to mention seeing them earlier in the week. Some of these business owners expect Hallmark will make a greeting card just for a mistress in a few short years. The movement is that big.

More Money More Problems

It has also been reported that cheating men spend more money and more time with their mistresses than their wives. Some polls stated that on an average, men will spend three hundred on their mistress but only one hundred on their wives. Mistress also tend to get lingerie, candies and jewelry as gifts while wives get flowers and perfume. Mistresses are usually taken to a pub or bar of some sort while wives most often are taken to a restaurant. Wives also get the majority of the hotel room reservations, while girlfriends are usually dropped off at the end of the night. These obvious differences in treatment are probably because they are still in the dating stage with the mistress. The man wants to impress her and woo her and win her over to the dark side. With his wife, that has already been accomplished. He’s has already wooed and won her and she is a prize on the mantelpiece. There is no need to spend tons of money and huge blocks of time with her.

If you Celebrate Mistress Day, Do So With Caution

There’s a flip side to this whole thing. The movement is big, alright. So big that wives are beginning to catch on. According to author, Ruth Houston, of “Is He Cheating on You?”, there is a three-day window, the 13th, 14th and 15th of February, when anyone who is cheating will make contact with their affair partner. With this knowledge spreading widely, it’s smart to take precautions and be alert. Any savvy wife can track your movements in any number of ways if she feels so inclined. The next thing you know you’ve got a glass of wine in your face and two angry women on your hands. Not to mention an impending divorce.

You’ll want to take proper precautions during this three-day window of Valentine trickiness. If your wife has even the slightest suspicion she will be on high alert during these days. Make sure the excuses you use sound legitimate and are hard to verify. Attempt to make it virtually impossible to know where you are. Make sure to plan ahead if you’ll need to come home with paperwork or other proof of your whereabouts. Proceed with caution. If your wife is suspicious and particularly clever or industrious, you might be in serious trouble.

Go A Head A Enjoy Natural Mistress Day

Even with all the potential dangers and pitfalls it is still worth it. Devoting a whole day to your mistress is always fun and letting her have a day especially for her is always thrill. It allows you to practice your mistress maintenance skills and try out new things. It also gives you a much needed break from your marriage and allows you to go back to it fresh, relaxed and with a clear mind. It isn’t often that something like this takes hold and spreads to other cultures around the world. It is beautiful how adulterous males can pull together when something is really important. National Mistresses Day can be as helpful as it can be harmful. It is in your best interest to be on high alert at all times. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the holiday. It just means you have to keep your wits about you and stay sharp.

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