Top 10 Cheating Myths

Assumptions of any kind are generally uninformed and poorly considered. Assumptions lead to widespread misinformation and mythmaking. Consider these ten myths regarding affairs.

1 – Men cheat because they’re unhappy at home

Only 34% of men report that they cheated because they’re unhappy in the home. The more likely response is that they have an affair because it’s fun and available. It’s possible those men surveyed were lying to themselves but it’s more likely that men can be scummy sometimes and when the chance to have carefree sex with a woman is offered they’re not going to pass it up.




2 – Men cheat more than women

This one ends up surprising people the most. As it turns out the numbers are roughly equal. There was a time when men cheated more but that has long since passed. Nowadays everyone cheats, it seems. Perhaps the internet and the ease with which you can find an affair have made it much easier. This might be particularly true since a number of affair sites are geared specifically towards women.

3 – An affair is about the sex

This makes perfect sense since the main activity of an extramarital affair is sex but in reality the sex is a stand in. It’s an easy way of feeling valued, desired, and loved. It’s an easy way to feel all the things you’ve long since stopped feeling in your primary relationship. Some people still have an affair strictly for the sex, of course, but it’s most often about something else, particularly when it’s occurring out of a long term relationship.

4 – Cheating means you don’t love your partner

When you find out you’ve been cheated on it feels like your partner is telling you she doesn’t love you. Sometimes that’s the case and it’s just a weak way of ending the relationship but sometimes it’s a cry for help, so to speak. As annoying as it is to hear, there are almost always two sides to an affair and you typically play a part by not giving your partner what they need in some way.

5 – Your relationship is so strong neither of you would ever cheat

There’s no point in going through your relationship constantly worrying about being cheated on but it’s naÔve to think that you’ve discovered the magic formula that will prevent cheating. It can happen in any relationship. Recovering from it successfully is the key.

6 – Confessing your affair is the best thing to do

Confessing you had an affair is the honest thing to do but it isn’t always the right thing to do. In fact, it can be a disastrous decision. If you had an affair that was short-lived, is over, and will never come up there’s little reason to tell her. Of course, if your goal is to destroy the relationship then telling her is the smartest thing to do.

7 – As long as you’re not having sex it’s not an affair

When you try to find an affair on a married but looking website you’re obviously out for sex. If you’re having emotional conversations with a woman and sharing deep thoughts and feelings you’re basically having an affair. It will feel like a betrayal to your wife/girlfriend.

8 – Fantasies about others indicate future unfaithfulness

This is far from the truth, particularly if you’re a man. No matter your sex though, fantasy is a part of life. It doesn’t have to lead to you o n a married but looking site hoping to have an affair.

9 – An affair can save a relationship

It’s exceptionally rare that an affair saves a relationship. Cheaters tell themselves this because they want a justification for cheating. It’s not a bad rationale but if you need to break your marital vows to save your marriage then perhaps it’s not worth saving.

10 – If she’s cheated before it doesn’t mean she’ll cheat again

Actually, past behavior is the best possible indicator of future behavior. If she’s cheated on multiple boyfriends or your relationship began with her cheating you can count on it ending that way too.


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