Is Having An Affair OK At A Bachelor Party?

There’s a certain kind of bachelor party where debauchery is the only acceptable activity. It has to involve too much drinking, strippers, ogling, fondling, and maybe even inappropriate sexual contact and full on cheating. If you’re a single man that is the finest kind of bachelor party. If you’re in a relationship that party is a nightmare in so many ways. Your girlfriend/wife shouldn’t even know that’s the kind of party you’re going to because she will not be cool with it if she’s even half smart. Can you have an affair at that party? Should you have an affair (or a one night fling, really) at that party?

It might seem like a man that’s happy with his relationship wouldn’t even consider doing something so stupid, as having an affair, but men are complicated creatures and they often do things that seem exceedingly stupid because in the moment it feels incredible (and there’s no question that having wild sex with a stripper is hugely pleasurable). You also have to consider that when a man goes to have an affair it’s often because he’s actually unhappy in his relationship or with some aspect of his relationship, even if he’s unwilling to admit that he’s unhappy. The cheating or the urge to cheat is the clearest sign that something is wrong with the couple.

There’s also the allure of the stripper. When a guy wants to have an affair he can’t go wrong with a wild and sexually adventurous girl like a stripper. These ladies spend their lives being alluring to men and they understand that sometimes guys like it to be crazy in the bedroom. They provide that, particularly if they’re super loose strippers and you’ve paid a good sum for the bachelor party. You might get a screw thrown at you for free or be offered a good time for a relatively small amount of money. If there’s one thing strippers know it’s how to make a man feel good, which is why cheating happens so often at bachelor parties.

Wild, debauchery-filled bachelor parties often offer the opportunity to cheat because everyone is loaded, the girls are often high on something or drunk, and there’s sex in the air. Everyone is aroused and when guys get drunk and horny there’s little that can stop that train from leaving the station. The married guy or the one in the long term relationship will likely do his cheating as things are winding down. The rest of the guys are passed out or getting there. They’ve had their fun with the strippers if they were ever going to do it. The girls are still a little pumped up and they offer the married guy a good time before they go. Can he resist? It’s a situation that has happened so many times and it will happen again and again in the future. This is why women are scared of bachelor parties.

Ultimately I can’t tell you if it’s okay to have an affair at a bachelor party. That’s something every man needs to answer on his own. Here are some helpful questions to ask when you want to have an affair. What will happen if you get caught? What do you stand to lose if your woman finds out about your indiscretion? Is the stripper really going to provide you with something you can’t get from your relationship and if so, can you make changes to get what you want? What are the chances you pick up an STD from the stripper? Is the sex going to be worth it? When you find the answers to those questions and more you’ll know if you want to have an affair.

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