Attached People

Boasting more than 1.6 million members, Attached People attempts to hook you up with married women in the name of having affairs. Working in the affair niche has proven highly profitable for other sites (like the superior Ashley Madison), but I’d be surprised if it was great business for Attached People when you consider that they’re not running a great site.

The design could use a little work, mostly because it looks a bit sloppy and isn’t always intuitive. It’s tough to make a design for a complicated site come together and usually requires an investment of money more than anything because your designer has to work for hours. It’s not quite good enough at Attached People with the real issue being that sometimes it’s just a little confusing and off putting to browse. Only one reason attached people got a poor review.

Speaking of off putting, in my experience with Attached People the site was remarkably slow. Given that they’re not loading huge images or movies I can’t figure why it would take so long other than having a slow server or sloppy code that overtaxes their servers unnecessarily. The bad design dictates that you click through seven pages to see all the information about a girl and when combined with the slow servers that’s an absolute killer that will make you want to drop your membership right away.

I experienced a high volume of profiles that were either obviously fake (pictures that are obviously of models or girls that call themselves nymphos and talk about how they love sex more than anything) or were of members that didn’t bother filling out even the most basic information in the profile, thereby telling you that they’re not coming back because they didn’t like the site (which is the experience I had). I experienced a remarkably low return rate on the messages I sent, which indicates that many of the women on Attached People never check their profiles.

The number of fake profiles at Attached People really irritates me. They’re asking you to pay somewhere between $10-25 month for a membership and they’re lying to you about the number of available women. They actually use pictures of famous pornstars for some of their profiles. Guess what? A girl like that would have absolutely no need to spend her time and money on an adult dating site to get laid. She could do that anytime, any place. Hell, pornstars do it for a living and they don’t need a site like Attached People to make it happen. It tells me that they think you’re an idiot because you’ll sign up if you see a hot chick with big boobs and figure you can sleep with her. Attached people is a scam!

Amazingly, Attached People is more expensive than most adult dating sites on the internet. For the basic membership they charge $34.75/month and for the gold version $39.75/month. If you buy multiple months at a time you get a discount but it’s not until you’re buying a year at a time that you get a good discount that brings this site in line with others in the market. This is most definitely not a good place to spend your online affair money.

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