Like To Cheat

Like to Cheat says that they’re the number one site for affairs and casual encounters, although they fail to mention the source of that information. It’s not in number of members, it’s not in successful affairs, it’s not in satisfied members, and it’s not by any other metric. This is a slightly below average sex dating site that comes up short in a number of departments.

When I signed up there were 24 members online. By contrast, XXX Match affairs clube has roughly 30,000 members online at any given time. That’s far from the perfect way to judge an adult dating site but the number of members is key and when so few are online it speaks poorly of the total available ladies. The search results indicate a lack of available women too. Far too many profiles lack photos, a sure sign that the girl isn’t serious about hooking up or that she’s a free member that was just browsing and never bothered to sign up for a paying membership and commit to hooking up. (LikeToCheat Is A Scam!)

Like to Cheat review – features a decent looking design but they’ve carved up far too much space to dedicate to advertisements. There are three columns. In the middle you’ll find the search results or the profile info when you visit a girl. On the left you’ll find her picture and the options to send her a message, flirt, or block her from your searches. The right column is dedicated to advertisements. They offer you paid webcams and somewhat unbelievably they advertise other adult dating sites. Does that mean they recognize that their site is an awful way to meet someone and they only launched it to part a few poor saps from their cash before sending them on to another site so they can make a little more money through affiliate payouts?

Most of the women listed on Like to Cheat aren’t available. A huge percentage are free members that never upgraded. You can tell because their profiles have almost no information and there are no pictures. If you’re actually looking for an affair then you know you have to do a little work on your profile and most members here don’t. There’s also a small percentage of the profiles that read to me as obviously fake. I don’t know if the site created them to drive free members to join for the chance to sleep with those girls or if they’re just someone playing a practical joke but it makes looking for a real profile an annoying process. Compared to the better affair sites you’ll be disappointed by the utter lack of members to message. The response rate is really low too. I’ve only heard back from a few girls in the time I’ve been testing this disappointing site.

As with any adult dating site you need to upgrade your membership to actually message people. At Like to Cheat they keep the price down if you sign up for three months at a time. It costs $39.99 for the three months and it’s $29.95 every 30 days if you choose to go month to month. As the review hopefully made clear, it’s not worth it.

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