Married Cafe

Married but looking has become a simple way to identify yourself as someone looking to cheat but not get out of your marriage. You want to fool around and have an affair but ultimately it’s going to be a fling because you’re going back to your wife/husband. Married CafÈ aims to capitalize on that market, as the tour shows you. They want those interested in cheating to sign up but I can assure you that you will be disappointed if you do.

The first result of my first search at Married Cafe was a picture of pornstar Ashlynn Brooke. She’s a lovely girl but she’s not on this site looking for anything, let alone looking for a serious relationship that can lead to marriage. That’s a fake profile and it’s an astoundingly stupid one when you consider that the site is supposed to be for married people looking to cheat. The result under that profile was a fake too. This isn’t a site made entirely of fake profiles, of course, but there are a remarkable number of them clogging up the listings and it’s disheartening. Why bother spending any time messaging women when you could be emailing no one at all?

A review of married cafe site design brought to mind one word… lazy! It’s clear they were going for spending as little money as possible on a web designer, not a simple look that would make it easy to make your way around the site, browse the listings, etc. It looks astoundingly unprofessional and would shake your faith in the site if you had actually paid money for a membership. If you’re paying them good money you deserve at least a little effort on their part to make your experience as a member a good one.

Each profile offers almost no information. You get height, body type, ethnicity, hair color, eye color, sexual preference, marital status, and a description the member writes. When compared to other sites in the affairs business that’s a stunningly paltry amount of info and it means you end up sending more messages to figure out which girls you’re interested in. A good way to spot a fake profile (these are profiles created by the site to convince you to sign up for a membership) is when the profile information doesn’t match the picture. If the girl obviously has a great body and they list it as average or they get the hair/eye color wrong you know you’re looking at a bogus profile.

Married Cafe wants $24.95 for one month’s membership (marriedcafe is a scam!) and gives discounts if you purchase multiple months at a time. I genuinely can’t think of a bigger waste of money. When compared to the high quality sites in the affairs business this is an embarrassing display. They’ve made so little effort in creating a site that men and women want to join that it can’t be anything other than a cynical money grab. Please read the positive reviews I’ve posted of the genuinely good sites in this business and direct your money there.






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