Why Married Woman Are So Sexy

Nowadays married women cheat just as often as married men. There was a time when infidelity was the domain of the man but that’s a relic of a bygone era. Married women can be alluring to single men for many reasons. Chief among them is the often highly arousing nature of the sex. Most often the sex is amazing because the married woman has been neglected at home or her husband has cheated and she wants revenge. Either way it manifests as a willingness to try new things sexually, a desire for animalistic sex, and great affection for the man that gives her those things and treats her like the beautiful woman she is. To help you have an affair with a married but looking lady here’s a list of four married female archetypes you can pick from and the potential pitfalls that come with an affair with one of them.


Married and unhappy but keeping it that way for convenience

This type of woman typically entered into marriage for reasons outside of love. That can mean money, social status, or security and is usually a combination of all three. She doesn’t love her husband so much as she loves the life he provides for her and she wouldn’t dream of putting that life at risk by leaving him. Instead, she will go on the hunt for men to please her, and have an affair. She expects you to be sexually excellent, to give her thunderous orgasms, and to be ready at any time. She is demanding and can be bossy because she wants what she wants and doesn’t care if it upsets you. She will also ensure that you have amazing sex.

Married and stepping out for the thrill of it

Sex outside the marriage is often so alluring and arousing because it’s naughty by its very nature. The possibility of getting caught is a rush and the sneaking around gets the blood flowing to all the right places. Find an affair with a woman like this and it’s almost certain to be short-lived and to burn bright while it goes on. The sex will be animalistic and wild and the whole thing will likely be over before you know. You should never encourage this type of married but looking woman to leave her husband. Even if she thinks she’s in love with you and leaves him you’ll quickly find that the entire relationship was based on the naughtiness and nothing more.

Married young and curious to experiment

For continuous good sex and a dollop of experimentation this is the married but looking lady you want. She got hitched in her early 20s or very late teens and never got a chance to explore. At the time of the wedding she was deeply satisfied with her sex life but is now a little older and realizes that she missed out. Have an affair with her and you get to be the guy that she does some of that exploring with. It’s an enviable position. And leads her to an affair site to seek some escape.

Neglected housewife that wants something more

This type of married woman or horny housewife, can be a thrill to have an affair with or it can be a disaster. She is typically deeply unhappy with her marriage but would never consider leaving him because her entire life is built around being a wife and mother. Their sex life dried up long ago so she wants something more. Sometimes that means the best sex you’ve ever had and sometimes it means you have sex a few times and she gets really clingy, starts talking about leaving her man for you she’ll only leave if she has a safety blanket waiting for her and eventually turns your life upside down. This is not a good thing.


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