How Having An Affair Can Cure Your Depression

Depression is a crazy thing. A person could have their every whim and desire. They could be loved, have a great job, a wonderful family, and still yet have a feeling of unexplainable depression. While severe depression is a chemical issue inside the body, everyone feels blue now and again. It is only when depression becomes so deep it threatens the victim’s welfare does there need to be some medical and psychological intervention. Depression affects different people in different ways. For instance, some people can become extremely depressed when an affair is over. Others find an affair to be a cure for depression. How having an affair can cure your depression pertains to some very simple human facts.

Having An Affair Can Cure Depression With A Little Extra Attention

Usually, when a couple experiences an affair, it is because one or both partners does not feel wanted in the relationship anymore. The attention they once felt and enjoyed has waned as the relationship grew. As couples become more acquainted with each other, the romance often fades. The Newlywed Phase begins to evaporate, and life is back to the humdrum basics. Everyone craves that spark of sexual electricity and when it goes out, some people search for it in other relationships. Getting attention from someone, even the wrong someone, can help alleviate depression.

Someone to Talk to

Having someone to talk with about our problems is a big help with depression. Speaking to someone else can help us clear through the thoughts in our mind. Hearing another opinion and other viewpoints can be liberating. Often, depressed people close themselves off to those closest to them. Having an affair is a way to get close to an objective third party who can help clear away the clouds of depression. The simple act of talking has a way of alleviating stress and high blood pressure as well as elevating mood.

Sex is an Antidepressant

Sex and depression are really confusing topics. Depression can make you lose your sex drive. It can change the way you feel about yourself and those closest to you. Sex, on the other hand, can boost your mood and confidence. A 2011 study actually proved that there are mood-boosting components inside semen. (Read The Study Here) The study pointed out these facts are truer for women than men, who do not suffer from depression as often. Orgasm is also a mood boosting occurrence.

You’re Turning Up

It’s like you’re a single guy again. You’re going to clubs. You’re meeting new people and hanging out in new places. Turning up on the scene is a depression fighter. It doesn’t work instantly but it helps to take your mind off what’s eating you and to see a bit wider view of the world. Maybe things aren’t so bad. Holing up in the house can cause depression in anyone after an extended time. Having an affair can cure your depression by getting you out of the house and onto the scene.

Throw Caution to the Wind

One of the most provocative parts of having an affair is the devil may care attitude you both have. Driven mad with passion and desire, you throw caution to the wind and take chances you normally wouldn’t. It is sexy to live life with such abandon taking carnal delights on a whim. Even if its just for a short time, you fill with an anticipating exhilaration few people can ignore. It can become addictive. The depression abates for some time but when the affair is over, it can come back in spades.

An Affair Can Act as a Fountain of Youth

Sex in general can make you feel young and carefree. Clandestine, secret, sneaky sex can really put an extra pep in your step. You feel virile and studly and why not? You have a seductive sexpot just waiting to get her hands on you any chance she can. Your suddenly reminded of your younger, wilder days when you may have juggled more than one relationship at a time. This is a great short-term answer to depression, but the effects do not last long. As with any relationship, the new eventually wears off and with it, all the side effects.

Having An Affair Can Cure Depression With A Little Change

A change of pace. Shaking things up. Depression can be chased away when life takes an unexpected turn. Your mind is to busy trying to deal with all the new information and has no time to wallow in sadness. Instead, you find new interests and spend time on new ideas. Your going new places and spending your days in different ways. While this can be a lasting way to deal with depression, the addition of a mistress could add more problems later.

Having an affair can cure your depression but there is no guarantee how long it will last. There are some great side effects to having an affair but if things go wrong it can cause an even bigger mess. Make sure you have a solid exit strategy and know what you’re doing before you enter into an affair to cure depression.

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