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On August 27, 2012
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If you are married but looking, hornywife is a fantastic source for sexy housewives looking to step out on their men. Highly Recommended!

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In case you weren’t paying attention, the internet has given birth to an age of sexual enlightenment and exploration and it’s not slowing down. Reactionaries decry it as the end of civilization as we know it but most of us realize that it’s merely an evolution of humanity and that we’re exploring the many pleasures of sexuality in a way that’s healthier and more open-minded than ever before. Horny Wife helps lonely wives and the men that crave them in that exploration by offering an easy way to hook up through their excellent adult dating interface with a top notch search engine and millions of members, each of whom is a potential hook up. Let the dating begin!

The Five Point Test – Review Of HornyWife

1) Real Versus Fake/Scamming Members On Horny Wife

Hornywife Review – It’s refreshing to come across a site like Horny Wife that has no fake profiles (as far as I can tell, at least). Every profile I visited looked and felt genuine (if you read enough profiles the fake ones are easy to spot) and the response rate was high. The site isn’t just limited to cheating wives but everyone is on board and the addition of couples looking to swing and single women makes it a more interesting place to be so there’s nothing wrong with that.

I saw no evidence of private investigators doing anything nefarious so you shouldn’t worry. I didn’t come across anyone that asked for money, either, so while some sites suffer from a preponderance of hookers clogging up the listings they do not have that issue here at Horny Wife. You can browse without issue here. Don’t be afraid to trust your instincts when you join this site or any other though. If a profile seems wrong, too good to be true, or a little bit off then something is probably wrong and there’s no harm in moving on to the next possible affair.

2) Size of the Membership Base On Horny Wife

The results of a simple search of the Horny Wife membership base returns voluminous results with a staggering selection of hotties staring back at you. My favorites are the cleavage and bra pictures ladies put up. An image of a lovely pair of breasts in a sexy bra is highly alluring and these women know it. If you’re in a big city you’ll have zero issues finding someone to have an affair with but even out in the more rural areas Horny Wife is quite capable of providing you with a beautiful woman to spend some time with. The answer to the question: Does Horny wife work is YES!

Their membership numbers are in the millions and they’re aggressive about recruiting new men and women for you to fool around with. They’re particularly good about building female members, which is a challenge for sex dating sites of all kinds since men are more likely to be interested in casual sex and to turn online to do so. They’re good about making it seem less like a dirty thing and more like an exploration of pleasure though and that helps bring in more women.

3) Site Design and Functionality Review Of Horny Wife

Simple and highly effective is how I would describe the design for Horny Wife. They use a white background with black text and a black navigation bar to get you around the site. There are dropdown menus to keep the number of clicks to a minimum and the small graphical touches for things like the flirt and hotlist buttons are well-done and attractive.

The simple search function is the same as any other site as you narrow down where you want to search, the age range, and the type of person you’re looking for. Head to the advanced search page and your options expand, although a little more expansion would be welcome. It’s still pretty simple with options like body type, cup size, penis size (for the ladies), sexual orientation, marital status, etc. It’s roughly the same as any other site in the genre though so it gets the job done.

The first level of contact is to send a flirt, which takes just one click and lets someone know you’re interested. It’s a decent way to know if they’re interested in you but more often than not you get nothing from the flirts (it doesn’t really show any initiative on your part to simply click a button). Once you’re a member you can message people via in the email system or you can request an IM session. You can add anyone to your hotlist (a favorites list, basically) for easy access in the future.

4) Your Chances of Successfully Find An Affair on Horny Wife

After your first search for available ladies at Horny Wife you’ll likely be bowled over by the possibilities available to you. A cynical person might even find it hard to believe that so many beautiful women are out there looking for affairs. Considering that men and women cheat at roughly the same rate (but for different reasons) it shouldn’t be surprising at all. That’s all a way of saying that you will definitely succeed when you become a member of Horny Wife and begin your search for an affair.

The only way you can screw this up is if you’re a pig of a man. For some reason a huge percentage of guys think it’s charming to be highly sexual in every message they send to a girl and that just doesn’t work. Using the techniques outlined in other articles on Affairs Handbook I’ve had a remarkably high response rate from the ladies of Horny Wife. As long as you message people you’d have a decent chance of landing in real life (if you’re a 5 on the looks scale then don’t message a 10 and expect to hear back from her) you’ll hear back and if you’re reasonably charming you’re going to have an affair if you want one. Hornywife Is all Real! NOT A Scam

5) Billing Information For Horny Wife

Your credit card (or prepaid debit card if you’re being smart about your affair) will be billed under a discrete name when you purchase a membership to Horny Wife. The best deal on a monthly cost basis is to sign up for 18 months for $180. That’s a big chunk of change up front, of course, but it’s relatively cheap long term. You can also get four months for $60 or one month for $25. The one month membership automatically rebills until canceled.


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  1. Harison B says
    Oct 28, 2015 | Reply

    This review is more of a gripe then review to be honest. This site sent me a random email that totally got me caught! I don’t frequent this site that much (anymore) but a notice popped up on my phone that they emailed me and my wife saw it! We got into a huge fight and I told her that it was from when I signed up before I met here. Luckily, she believed me but I don’t think that tips on making a better profile are that important to send an email over. Hornywife needs to be much more discreet on what they send to their members.

  2. SunnyG says
    May 30, 2015 | Reply

    My experience on Horny wife has mostly been a positive one, like all sites like this you do have to short through the occasional working girl, or fake profile but the good news is there is still plenty of real mature women that are looking for hookups to make the cost of membership worthwhile. I am happy to give this site 4 out of 5 stars and have already recommended it to a few of my close buddies. One word of caution I recommend getting on the phone with any women you plan to meet first and feeling her out with a few questions such as: “Have your done this before?” & “What would your husband do if he found out?” You can never be to careful when it comes to cheating! Better to know what you are getting into right out of the gate.

  3. BradleyT says
    Mar 29, 2015 | Reply

    At first I was really turned off by the name of this site. It screams scam. What real women are going to join a dating site with Horny in the name.Even so because the site offers a free trial membership I decide to create a profile and take a look around. I searched for women within 50 miles from me, because I am married to I wanted to only meet women far enough away as to not run into them. My search brought back a handful of ladies that meet my criteria and I started to send out the intro emails. It took a few days but I started to get some replies and set up a date with one. I am happy to say it was a big success and we now hook up on a regular basis. Best part I didn’t even have to upgrade to a paid membership! I was able to get her number before my trial account ran out : ) Nothing better than some free *wink* *wink* I figured the least I could do is leave these fine folks a positive review!

  4. Adriano Stivers says
    Dec 4, 2014 | Reply

    I honestly did not expect to find a horny wife on hornywife.com LOL. I figured at the very least I could browse some candid photos of mature woman and since it is free to join I had nothing to loose. In no time, I had a profile set and I was connecting with other local swingers, wife swappers, and lonely housewives! This site is the real deal! Highly recommended!

  5. Owen Shard says
    Sep 4, 2014 | Reply

    I have always had a thing for older married woman and now using Hornywife.com hooking up with them is easier than ever! The majority of users are this site are over 35 and married so if that is not your thing I suggest you look elsewhere. In my experience on Hornywife I have found the site to work, but its not as easy as I would have hopped. I have found it to be a real numbers game. You need to send out at least 25 messages before you find a lady interested in meeting in person. If you are willing to put in the effort though the results are will worth it! I personally have meet 4 different woman all of which have turned into regular affairs. Horny wife has proven to be well worth the cost of membership for me 🙂 5 star Horny wife review from me!

  6. Matt In Oaktown says
    Mar 28, 2014 | Reply

    I had just about given up on the swinger scene when a friend suggested I try out hornywife.com. Before I found hornywife I used craigslist to meet wifeswappers and swingers. I was feed up with all the scammers and bull crap craigslist is filled with. What a pleasant change this site was! Its no nonsense sex dating at its very best!

  7. Steve Morris says
    Nov 17, 2013 | Reply

    Ive been a member of hornywife for the last 3 months. I first signed up for a 1 month membership but was so happy with the results I saw in the first 30 days I reviewed for a full 12month membership (more you sign up for the more you save). If you are looking for a site to meet married woman Hornywife.com works! The site only advertises to married woman looking to have an affair, so unless you are looking for that, Horny wife is not for you. If you are however I highly recommend you give it a try. In the last 3 months I have sent out about 58 introduction emails, received 21 replies, meet 5 of the woman in person and 2 of them have turned out to be regular booty calls when the husbands are at work!

  8. Chad Brown says
    Oct 25, 2013 | Reply

    I have never been serious about having an affair on my wife but I wanted to play around some. Once I singed up to hornywife I found tons of hot wives and mature woman ready to meet me in person, despite the fact that was not my reason for joining. The majority of members I have meet are also willing to engage in a more virtual relationship and have some cam to cam fun via the sites video chat features. Hornywife.com is really a blast! Even if you dont want to meet in person it opens up so many opportunities for cyber fun which sames me the guilt of having an affair and still lets me experience woman other than my wife. I am loving this site!

  9. Greg Overbay says
    Aug 20, 2013 | Reply

    Ive been a member of hornywife for the last 3 months and so far the success I have had is well worth the cost of membership! Now dont get me wrong, this site does have plenty of draw backs, but if you are looking to find an affair it can be a fantastic tool to have in your chest! There are enough woman looking to step out on their men on this site if you spend the time, and have some game I am sure you can be hooking up too!

  10. Larry Stern says
    Oct 13, 2012 | Reply

    I don’t have time for the bar scene and when you are out you can never tell if a married woman is looking to cheat or just after a free drink. All that uncertainty goes out the window when using horny wife. Everyone on this site is looking for one thing *wink *wink and its not a free cosmo! Hornywife.com does charge a monthly fee but I have found it well worth the cost! Highly recommended.

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