How Common Is Cheating & Affairs with Millennials?

Millennials having affairs and cheating has been a topic of conversation and debate in the last few years. Many people want to say the freer, more self-satisfying generation of millennials are not able to have monogamous relationships or are prone to deceptive behavior. When, in fact, there is an alternate set of fact that are being ignored in most research. The millennial experience is different than other generations have endured. Not only have social norms changed but also the whole construct of the world. The ideas of monogamy and relationship have morphed into something that previous generations are unfamiliar with.

Are There Millennials Having Affairs?

Of course there are millennials having affairs. It is bound to happen in any age group. Click Here – Ages People Are Most Likely To Cheat. Some people are just not meant for monogamy and in fact, there have been many studies does that suggest it isn’t a natural human state. Some people believe that humans are sexually attracted to each other in order to procreate. Attraction to more than one other person in natural and normal. Monogamy may be what is unnatural. To assume there are no millennials having affairs would be naive.

Can You Count Millennials Having Affairs if They Aren’t Having Affairs?

Millennials having affairs is a nonissue in may relationships. This is due to the fact that more and more millennials have open relationships, including marriages. Marriage, for millennials is more geared toward personal happiness which doesn’t always mean a monogamous relationship. Many studies are showing that millennials prefer to live in sexually open relationships. This could include several partners living in one house or a married couple leaving the house to pursue other relationships periodically. It is hard to describe cheating in this type of relationship. If there are no definite boundaries to the sexual aspect of a relationship, it is impossible to break them.

Millennials having affairs is Happening later in Life

Research of millennials has revealed they are in hurry to get married. They have waited longer than almost any generations to pursue committed relationships of any kind, including sexual. Teens are also reporting a longer wait to lose their virginity. The perplexities and drama of relationships and the possibility of millennials having affairs is nothing they want to rush into and for good reason. You don’t see a lot of millennials having affairs because they aren’t getting into monogamous relationships in the first place. Instead of serious dating they send their times in platonic friendships, school, work and family activities.

Divorce Curtails Millennials Having Affairs

Millennials having affairs is no real concern in the dating world. The generation is more concerned with personal happiness and that includes between man and wife or married couple. They will most often choose to divorce if the marriage isn’t working any longer, way before any infidelity takes place. The idea is not to spend years in an unhappy relationship when you can part ways as friends and still enjoy each other’s company on occasion. Divorce is not the socially debilitating state that Gen Xers or the Baby Boomers had to endure. They can easily split from their relationships and move on effortlessly.

The issue really isn’t millennials having affairs but more that they do not have conventional views on relationships. To realize the depths of these different views, one has only to review the many studies on the widening viewpoints throughout the last century. Social stimuli and reaction also play a large part in why this generation has taken its own detour around marriage and monogamous relationships. It isn’t even a new take. The freewheeling, love spewing teens of the 60’s and early 70’s was much the same. They focused on the happiness factor of each individual over the ideals of society and what a mature relationship is supposed to look like. Global and National economics in the 80’s and 90’s changed the way things worked in this country and as generations passed, the focus was more on making money and succeeding in life personally than in finding a mate. Millennials have blended the goals of all previous generations and made their own set of ideals that seem to be working out nicely for them.

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