How Common Is It For Men To Cheat On Their Wife?

It is common knowledge that most, at least half of marriages end in divorce. It is also common knowledge that most divorces occur because someone cheats. Men and women cheat the same amount. Some years may see a rise in one genders cheating habits or another but year after year it is basically the same. There are several reasons cheating is so common in not just American society, but all across the world.

Monogamy is not Natural

There is research galore that proves monogamy is not necessarily a natural state. – Read About It Here – The construct of growing up, finding someone special, settling down and making babies is fed to us by society. Roughly 80% of all other animal species closely related humans are polygamous. Relics and ancient documents tell us our ancestors lived a polygamous nature. The state of monogamy is not natural for human beings which is one reason men tend to stray so often. How common is it for men to cheat? It is ingrained in their genetics to seek multiple mates. That is a hard calling to ignore.

Sex is Always an answer to the Question How Common is it For Men to Cheat on Their Wife

Almost every man who has an affair has a problem with sex in his marriage. He isn’t getting enough, or its boring as hell, or he’s losing interest for one reason or another. This should come as no surprise since sex is the major component in both relationships. After a marriage becomes mature, it can get stale in the bedroom despite the relationship being good in all other areas. Many men and women feel a need to search out those sexual experiences they no longer get from their spouse.

Revenge Affairs are More Prevalent than you Think

When you ponder the question of how common is it for men to cheat, you hardly ever faction in the instances where the wife has already cheated. Jealousy is a powerful emotion. There have been murders committed over jealousy situations. It isn’t hard to imagine a man having an affair as an act of revenge for her previous affair. It is never as satisfying as it is expected to be and often causes more problems than were originally present but it happens year after year.

Man-o-pause and Raging Egos

Sadly, men go through a similar situation as menopause called Man-o-pause, although we don’t like to admit it. Somewhere around middle-age, we take a look around and have a gut-wrenching terror that we have wasted our lives. We see younger, toned guys with their ball-enhancing skinny jeans and feel a twinge of jealousy at the attention they garner from the opposite sex. Some guys will buy a corvette, some hit the gym with a vengeance, other have an affair. Some do all of the above. We want to be assure we still got it. If we know we still got it, we want to make sure the world knows it.

Peer Pressure Never Goes Away

How common is it for men to cheat? As common as it is in his peer group. No matter how old you get, it can be hard to say no to your peer group. Maybe more so as friendships mature and withstand the test of time. It can be hard to say no, especially after a few cocktails, when your buddies hook you up with a hottie interested in NSA fun for the night. It is even harder to pass up an offer from a woman you know. When she flirts insistently, and won’t take no for an answer, the temptation to just give the lady what she wants is impossible to resist. Especially for a gentleman.

When you consider how common I is for men to cheat on their wives, a lot of factors come into play.

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