How Instagram Can Expose Your Affair

Instagram is a social media app which allows its users to post pics of their life and things that interest them with a short caption. There are hashtags galore and without the mandated lower character count of Twitter, you can say whatever you want to say no matter how long it takes to type out. People are becoming InstaFamous from their profiles on this app alone. Some celebrities no longer use other social media apps and dedicate their online time to Instagram. It’s a big deal right now. Like anything that takes off like Instagram, people forget the ultimate power of the Internet. Pictures go much farther and wider than they ever have before with the ability to affect everything from your career to your marriage. And your affair. There are many ways Instagram can expose your affair. Be warned.

Instagram Can Expose Your affair – If It Is Her Go-To

In the day and age of instant technology, your wife will snoop out her own answers before asking you about any of her concerns. There is a certain art to it, and some of these women can put an FBI surveillance team to shame. They will check your profile, sure. They will also check the profiles of your closest friends, coworkers, relatives, and church members. No one is safe when she has a suspicion you are stepping out behind her back. The problem is that you may not even realize she is on to you before you come home to a Dear John letter and your clothes burning in the driveway. Know up front that she is keeping a steady eye on your Insta profile. If something feels amiss, that is the first place she will look.

Not Having a Dedicated Profile Can Expose Your affair

How would any married man expect to do any extramarital flirting on his Instagram profile when his mom, kids, preacher, and boss are all perusing the same timeline? It can’t be done. They only way to get a little play is to have a private profile. No public identifying pictures, of course. It should be used purely for fun and never given to anyone in your real life. Don’t show your face at all, if possible. Even if you are careful who you give it to, someone else may not be. You just never know who knows who. Do not use any identifying characteristics either, such as pets, cars, or jobs.

Leaving the Instagram Open Can Expose Your affair

One of the dumbest and most common mistakes a man can make when having an affair is to leave the Instagram app open. (Tips For locking apps on your phone) If you want to know how Instagram can expose your affair, this is probably going to be it. People just get to comfortable in their surrounding and forget to close the app before moving on. Another unfortunate circumstance is when some unsuspecting gentleman falls asleep or takes a shower without first closing the Instagram app and securing his phone. While annoying, getting into the habit of completely closing the app after each use is imperative.

Being in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time Can Expose Your affair

Oh Instagram, how you have deceived us. It seems like such a fun and innocent app. You get to see things you never would otherwise. You can certainly enjoy all your witty friends and make new, exciting ones. If you’re trying to have an affair, however, you may have decided Instagram is not for you. Will that solve your problems? Nope. Not even close. All it takes is being in the wrong place in front of someone else’s camera and you’re right back where you started. The next thing you know, your face is all over town at the last Phish concert. And who is that woman hanging on your shoulder?

Insta-Tipsy is a Recipe for Disaster

Even if you are just a tiny bit tipsy, chances are you are going to let your guard down. Before you know it, you’re snapping pics left and right. Or even worse, you’re in someone else’s timeline where you probably wont even remember what you were doing. If you are going to be drinking, it is always a good idea to lock down all your apps. Don’t text either. You always regret it when you sober up and Instagram makes sure you can’t forget it.

No one ever stops to think how Instagram can expose your affair but there are a million ways to get caught with any social media app. There is no absolute-safe way to have an affair without running the risk of encountering some social media maven who posts everything from breakfast coffee to her besties new love interest, and that could be you.

To help steer clear of any Insta-trouble, consider these tips:
• Make it clear that you do not want to be photographed under any circumstances
• Use a fake profile with another town listed
• Keep your profile private
• Do not allow anyone you know to follow you

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