How Social Media Can Ruin Your Affair

Why-Social-Media-Can-Ruin-Your-AffairHaving an affair online is one of the easiest things to get away with these days. The Internet is able to connect so many people from all around the world, and cheating is made ten times easier than a normal hook up. However, social media is one of the leading causes in busting up a steamy affair. More men report social media sites such as Facebook has exposed there affair than any other cause. For instance a scorned mistress may snoop for information on a profile and contact friends or family to expose the affair. Or, a partner might snoop around and find the affair direct. There is nothing more dangerous to your extramarital activities than social media.It is more important than ever to avoid some of the common mistakes listed below, and you’ll be able to cheat the system in no time.


Never Add Lovers to Social Media

It should go without saying that adding the person you’re cheating with onto a personal social media account is a great big no-no. The last thing a person needs is to end up with someone clingy or careless that might sent too many erotic messages or pictures. If the desire to share social media with them is so great, create another page to add them to, never give out the personal one that a spouse has access to. Most faithful partners will check their spouse’s social media page every now and then just to see what’s going on. If they find that someone has been leaving flirty messages or comments, it can lead to suspicion and problems. One little comment take the wrong way can fuel someone to look way deeper into things, and that’s going to bring up issues for everyone involved.

Avoid Pictures You Don’t Want Shared

Another way social media can ruin an affair is through pictures. Obviously, a cheater won’t be uploading incriminating pictures to their own social media page. However, it’s not unheard of that a lover might do this, especially if they are unaware that you were in another relationship to begin with. They might even tag friends in it, which can be an easy way of giving the game away. Avoid this common mistake by either not allowing pictures to be taken, or by taking pictures on a personal phone that can be kept or uploaded in private. One incriminating picture can put a stop to everything and put both people in hot water.

Never Trust Anyone to Keep a Secret

When a hot new affair has just taken off, it can be really tempting for most to want to share their newfound excitement with someone. A buddy from work or a close friend are usually the first people to go to with news. But, when it comes to private matters like affairs, keeping your lips sealed is going to be the best thing to do. No matter how trustworthy a friend or family member might seem, it’s never worth taking the risk that they may or may not keep a secret. Sometimes, another person can give an affair away without even meaning to. If a friend sends you an email or writes something on your Facebook wall asking what you and some unknown person are doing for the weekend, things can spiral out of control if the situation isn’t corrected fast enough. Avoid this by simply not keying anyone else in on the affair. Keep it private and keep it safe.

Don’t Let Your Phone Betray You

Everyone has a smart phone these days. Many of these phones have a tracking device in them that allows people to post their every location to social media, sometimes without them even knowing it if they haven’t already shut off the proper settings. Many people might hop onto Facebook at the end of the day only to find that their phone has alerted their entire news feed that they were at the movies or down at the beach. While this isn’t normal a bad thing, it can be a dead giveaway for affairs if they aren’t careful. If a mans wife thinks he’s working late at the office, and then all of a sudden his phone is tagging him at the local florist, he’s definitely be in trouble once he gets home. Always make sure to turn off any apps or settings on a phone that could possibly give away your location. It’s also important to make sure that a phone isn’t synced up to social media sites in a way that could give the game away. Make sure that apps like Tinder don’t send notifications to a social media account while browsing them. It can be a great place to find a potential affair, but can ruin one already in progress if you let your phone betray by sharing activity with other websites.

News Gets Around Fast On Social Media

One of the main problems with having an affair and dealing with social media is that news travels fast. If any of the common errors listed above come up and isn’t dealt with swiftly, everything can get ruined in an instant. One scandalous picture, one diry message or simple being in the wrong place at the wrong time can end both your current relationship and affair if not careful. With social media, news of the affair and even stretch out to family, friends and co-workers in no time. Avoid the common mistakes makes on social media and keeping an affair in tact and in secret will be easy.


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