How Social Media Exposes So Many Affairs

There was once a time when an affair could only start when two people saw a lot of each other. Telephone calls were a bit of added excitement that took place only when the two affair partners were alone. Then in the early 2000’s text messaging became a thing and people engaged in affairs had another way to keep in touch that they could do in full view of their spouse or significant other. When social media came along, affairs took a striking upward turn. Affairs are products of the perfect opportunity. Without that perfect opportunity, no affair would ever take place. Social media affords those who are looking for an affair the perfect opportunity but it is also the perfect place to be exposed.

People Get Lazy on Social Media Which Leads to Affair Exposure

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and many other social media sites have become a steady part of life today. All over the world people are using these websites and apps with regularity. Users log on many times per day to read other’s posts, post about their lives and message each other. A plethora of affairs start on social media sites and these same sites are used to further the affairs through messages and pictures. Since these sites are also used to connect with family, friends and coworkers, use of them is not considered adulterous and often goes unchecked. If your wife does not check your social media profiles. You can become complacent and slip up. One of the most common ways affairs are exposed through social media is by the user forgetting to log out of their accounts. A wife or girlfriend can easily open her laptop to find you are still logged in and go through your messages. The next thing you know, you are caught.

Pictures on Social Media Can Expose an Affair

Even if you don’t have any social media accounts, your affair can still be exposed through social media. Imagine you have planned the fool proof date to have with your mistress. You have planned it down to the minute and covered all your bases. Or have you? One random snapshot of you can end up on social media and expose your affair. If not, you’ll still have a lot of explaining to do. Your mistress or anyone present during your date can easily take a surreptitious pic and post it online. Perhaps to expose your affair or maybe completely innocently. No matter. If your wife or someone she knows happens to see it, your goose is cooked.

Using Social Media at the Wrong Time Can Expose Your Affair

Using social media when you’re having an affair is a bad idea anyway. Using it at the wrong time can mean your get caught and your affair is exposed to the world. Lots of wives and girlfriends do not think twice about their man using social media. Everyone does it. But if she has even the smallest inkling that you may be going astray, using social media in her presence is a drastic risk. She can easily get curious and pop over your shoulder or wait till you leave the room to take a look. Your best bet is not to use social media in her presence.

Word of Mouth Can Help Social Media Expose Your Affair

One thing social media does is give people a false sense of courage. They feel like they can say anything behind the false protection of a keyboard. People say things on social media that they would not say directly to a person’s face. Let’s say your mistress tells her best friend that she is involved with you. She may turn around and contact your wife and expose your affair. Perhaps there is a neighborhood guy who has the hots for your wife. It is possible he can begin snooping on social media and other parts of your life and find out about your affair. He would be just too happy to expose your affair to your wife in the hopes he can provide a shoulder to cry on.

Social media has little to no benefits for you if you are having an affair. It would be in your best interest to disable all your social media accounts when in the midst of a romantic affair.

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