How Social Media Makes Finding Affairs Easy

How-Social-Media-Makes-Affairs-EasyBack in the day it was a lot harder to have a discreet affair. Finding someone who was interested and already knew that you had to keep things secret was a real risk since you never knew if she might throw a drink in your face, or worse, turn you over to your wife or not. With social media your risks are lessened considerably, allowing you to quickly and easily find either a one night stand or someone willing to connect with you for a series of long term hookups. These days it’s as simple as booting up your computer, logging into an account and knowing how to be smart enough to remain discreetly online.


Changing Your Marital Status

Most people don’t bother to check the status section of your Facebook profile. It can be difficult to get to, and you can choose not to have that information displayed on your page. You can even tell Facebook not to update your friends list when you switch your status — making it that much easier to be found by people who are looking to hook up. Anyone looking for an affair can’t see that you may be taken, and anyone who knows you are won’t think twice about the information not being listed. This is especially effective if you come across as the kind of guy who doesn’t use Facebook often and doesn’t update his profile information regularly.


Changing Profile Pictures

We all have a photo we’ve looked at and gone “Is that really me?” These are the perfect photos if you’re looking to be someone else for a while on the internet. It’s still you, so when your secret lover meets up with you she’ll be able to recognize you from your photo online, but it’s just different enough that any friends scrolling by your account will probably just keep scrolling right on by. The last thing you need is your neighbor seeing your profile on OkCupid and innocently asking your wife if you’ve broken up.

Creating Multiple Accounts

On Facebook and OkCupid especially, creating multiple accounts is an easy way to find a hookup while keeping things quiet. You can even use your own photographs so long as your profile is different enough. One ingenious method works great if you find yourself at the same destination repeatedly for business. Simply set your profile location as the city you find yourself visiting. You can connect a completely separate set of friends, different Facebook check-in locations and really look like an entirely different person while simultaneously meeting other women.

Private Messaging

One of the great things about cheating online is that you can do it with minimal risk. You don’t even have to risk having your partner see dirty messages in your inbox or on your phone anymore. You and your lady friend can send each other private, naughty messages via Facebook messenger directly, somewhere no one who didn’t have access to your account information would be able to find them. This is especially a good idea if used on one of your alternate accounts since there’s always a chance that you’ll accidentally leave your Facebook logged on, or that your wife or girlfriend may get suspicious and pick up your phone to see if you’re up to no good.


Sites like Facebook allow us to connect with all kinds of people from our past. Friends from elementary school, your old baseball teammates, and of course your ex-girlfriends. There’s no harm in connecting with them, right? Especially if your relationship ended years ago. Who says exes can’t be friends? While it’s certainly possible, you’re also treading on dangerous ground. It’s easy to rekindle an old flame, and social media sites allow us to share all kinds of intimate details with each other at very little risk. One minute you’re talking about your favorite taco stands, the next you’re agreeing to meet up for a friendly cup of coffee. You meet up, and all those old feelings come rushing back. It’s so easy to fall back into that old pattern, especially with the gradual build-up that social media sites allow.

Cheaters Only Sites

Did you know that there are cheating social networking sites out there? Sites like allow you to create a profile page and network with a group of people who are either looking to have an affair with a married man or are fellow cheaters just like you. You can share tips on how to keep the relationship discreet, how to handle delicate situations, and generally have a group of people you can talk to worry-free. No guilt, no risk that confiding in a friend may end with that information being leaked back to your partner, and loads of users who are looking for the exact same thing you are.


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