How to End Your Extramarital Affair

How to End Your Extramarital affairAs much fun as an extramarital affair can be, it has to come to an end at some point. Even if you feel like you’re falling in love with her and you want to be with her forever, almost all relationships that start with cheating end miserably. Some couples that meet in an affair get married but they stay married for the long run just a tiny percentage of the time. In other words, people that cheat tend to do it over and over again so if you’re cheating with someone and you decide you want to have a long term relationship with them, you’re only going to cheat on them when you get bored or they’re going to cheat on you. You’d think that a couple of cheaters wouldn’t be upset by that, but you’d be wrong. That is why ending your Extramarital Affair right is so important.

All of that messiness from the above paragraph can be avoided if you simply recognize that an affair is a relationship with a shelf life and there’s no benefit to preserving it beyond that shelf life. It’s always good to get out before it gets too difficult, particularly if you’re using an affair dating site to find more relationships and you have lots of ladies to get in contact with and date.

The problem is that she may not feel the same way. She may have gotten emotionally attached or she may simply want to keep having sex because she’s comfortable with you, she likes the sex, and she doesn’t want to go through the screening process with another guy. Problems can arise because you both have leverage over each other since it would be so easy to tank each other’s marriages. All it would take is a simple phone call from her to your wife or a sneakily recorded video or sound session from one of your hotel meets and you’d be out of the house, giving half of everything you earn to your wife, and without visitation rights to your kids.

There are countless ways ending an affair can go wrong, but there are actions you can take to mitigate the possibilities of a bad ending. The most important thing is to closely monitor your feelings and hers. It’s natural for people having regular sex to develop feelings for each other. It’s biological, really. In some cases you can’t control it, particularly if you’re compatible in other ways. The best way to end the extramarital affair without a mess is to do so before you get close enough that it would hurt to stop. That might mean you sleep together just a few times, it might mean a few months. If you cut it off before it turns towards love it will generally be completely painless. At that point it’s just sex and that can be found anywhere.

If you’re already in too deep then you need another strategy. The most successful is to take the blame on yourself and appeal to the good in her when ending your affair. If she has feelings for you she’ll understand instead of getting vindictive. Tell her that while you really like her you have to take care of your family before all else and the affair is making that impossible. Remind her that going in you both knew it had to end and that you’ll never forget the time you had together because it was wonderful. As long as you’re not cruel about it she should be okay even if she’s hurt. The one case in which this doesn’t work is if you’ve made promises about leaving your wife. Guys do that because they want to keep having sex even though they have no intention of actually leaving their wife. Do not make those promises. At some point she will know you’re lying and she will try to ruin your life because she’s understandably pissed off.

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