How to Have an Affair In 2017

The world is changing by leaps and bounds. Each year there are more inventions and advances in technology, healthcare and lifestyle options that change our lives and the way we react to our environment. Every aspect of life is new and exciting, including marriage and sex. While relationships and communication are more open and accepting than ever, there are still those who have an affair. Sometimes the situation arises and it’s hard to pass up. Other times it just seems like a logical solution to a temporary problem. It’s easier than ever to have an affair in 2017. Just follow the tips below.

It’s Easy to Have an Affair When You Dress Right

One of the easiest ways to have an affair is to get the attention of other women. Getting a woman to notice you puts the ball in her court. It is up to her to make a move and connect with you. It doesn’t entail anything special. No huge purchases and no lengthy workouts. The only thing you need is a little time and a sense of style. Choose clothing that fits your body shape well in colors that flatter your complexion. The style should be trendy and not something from another decade unless you really know how to rock it. It is OK to have your own quirky style of dress, as long as you know how to wear it well.

A Sense of Humor is the Key to Have an Affair

What does every woman in the world say when asked what one of her top five requirements in a man is? A sense of humor. Be funny. That is literally all it takes to have an affair. Women love a man who can make her laugh. Laughing feels good and automatically puts you in a better mood. Smiling is proven to put people at ease. You don’t have to be Dave Chapelle funny (Watch Video) but if you can get a few well-placed one-liners in a conversation you’re on easy street.

You Can’t Have an Affair Until You Have Your Ducks in a Row

Having an affair takes a lot of preparation, especially if you don’t want to get caught. Before you even have an affair partner, you need to make sure you can pull off late nights out or weekend trips without any suspicion. It helps to have a cell phone that is separate from your personal phone. No one should know about it. Use it only for things that pertain to having an affair. The same goes for a credit card. It is helpful to have a private card that no one know you have to use in matters pertaining to the affair.

Don’t Look in the Average Places to Have an Affair

One common mistake when you have an affair is doing it in a local place. You don’t want to find an affair partner in your own neighborhood or anywhere that you may be recognized. If you use an online service or app to find an affair partner, make sure to choose locations that are at least 50 miles or more away from your home location. Do not frequent the type of places you usually do. Go places that are out of the ordinary when you have an affair.

Have an Affair Partner That Makes Sense

Choosing a smart affair partner is the single most important factor to keep in mind when you have an affair. Some women are great in bed but become clingy, possessive and jealous. It isn’t worth the trouble of worrying about her state of mind. It is much smarter to choose a woman who understands and agrees with the terms of the affair. Choose someone who just wants to have fun and isn’t interested in ending your marriage. Ideally, she will have a marriage of her own and a life she is in no hurry to jeopardize.
There are many ways to have an affair in 2017. The key is to follow the same simple tips that have been helping men have an affair for decades. Stay aware of the circumstances and plan ahead for the best chance at a successfully undiscovered affair.

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