How to Have an Affair While Traveling on Business

Every man on the planet has considered having an affair at some point in his marriage. Maybe not seriously. Perhaps it was just a daydream or a fantasy. For many, it is a fantasy they someday look forward to fulfilling. Some give it a try at their buddy’s bachelor party. Others try their luck when their wives are out of town. The easiest place of all to have an affair is while traveling on business. A business trip offers so many benefits to extramarital activities that other opportunities do not. It would be a shame not to take advantage of what could be a once in a lifetime chance.

Have An Affair While Traveling On Business By Planing Ahead

Do not leave anything to chance. The moment you know that you will be away on business, you should begin making a solid plan to have an affair while traveling on business. A lot depends on if you already have a mistress or if you hope to find a hookup while you are away. There are benefits to both situations when you’re going away. Plan everything from your burner phone and private credit card to trip back and flawless arrival home.
Things to remember include:
• Untraceable spending cash
• Voicemail or call forwarding
• Proof of business activities

Make all Arrangements and Payments Ahead Of Time When Having An Affair On A Business Trip

The very moment you know for sure you will be going away on a business trip, start making and paying for your arrangements. Pay for your hotel room as far ahead as possible to avoid it looking suspicious on a credit card bill. Start putting a few bucks back surreptitiously so no one will notice. Make any romantic supply purchases or mistress gifts early too. If possible, set up a private credit card no one knows about but you.

Mistress or Hookup?

Whether or not you are taking a mistress with you, or plan on finding one while away makes a huge difference in your travel plans. If you are taking someone with you, you can get a jump on plans. If you don’t, you are killing a lot of time looking for a safe hookup if you don’t know what you’re doing. Save time by using an app like Tinder or Pure to find someone in the area. You’ll also save a little money by forgoing fancy dinners and gifts.

How to Have An Affair While Traveling On Business? Cover Your Tracks!

A lot of pictures get taken at business affairs. Especially after the bar opens. Always make sure you are not in the lens of anyone’s snapchat photoshoot. It is unwise to ever take your mistress or hookup anywhere near your coworkers or business events. Always schedule dinners and events wherever the gang from work will not be. Know what time you will be getting phone calls from home and make sure to be alone. Before leaving for home, throw away all evidence of the affair, your mistress, or anything fun related.

Hire an Escort On A Business Trip

If the possibility of hooking up with some oddball from an app is just too scary for you, consider hiring an escort. These ladies are not your run of the mill sex worker. They are discreet and professional, which takes a lot of the worry and guilt out of a little extramarital hanky-panky. Escorts are also disease-free and safe. Spending time with an escort is more like a date with that hot chick from the lawyer’s office. You won’t have to worry about getting a dud, either. Most escort services have websites where you can choose your date. This will probably be your most expensive option, but it will be an experience you will never forget.

Never Have an Affair with a Coworker on a Business Trip

One thing to remember when learning how to have an affair while traveling on business is never to choose a coworker. Having an affair both near home and far away should always be with someone you didn’t know before. Mixing it up with someone you have to look at everyday is a recipe for disaster. When the affair is over, you will still have to see her everyday at work. She may also decide to tell your wife or destroy your career if things don’t go right.

Leave Your Transgressions at The Airport

Deciding to have an affair while traveling on business gives you the very special advantage of being away from everything pertaining to your real life, making it much easier to forget it all happened once your home again. Leave all your morals, guilt, and inhibitions at the airport on your way out. No affair can be any fun if you are racked with guilt the entire time.

It isn’t difficult to learn the basics of how to have an affair while traveling on business. The finer points, however, are something you’ll have to figure out for yourself.

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