How to have an affair

You can have an affair with ease; that’s always been the case, to be honest. If you’re a married man and you’re looking you will eventually find a woman more than happy to have an affair with you. For some ladies a man that can’t actually commit to a relationship is irresistible or the fact that it’s naughty to sleep with a married man is what gets them going in a wild kind of way. What’s challenging is to have an affair that’s not going to destroy your relationship. The first step is doing so is reading our Guide To Having An Affair.

The internet is here to save you and make it insanely simple to find an affair and have it discreetly so that you preserve your marriage (assuming you want to do so; if you don’t then just get a divorce instead of having an affair to get caught and destroy your marriage that way). The first step is to sign up for an email account you know your wife won’t discover. Gmail is the best way to go. Also, make sure you use the incognito feature of the Chrome browser or clear your history after every session and ensure that you don’t stay logged in to that email account. Affairs are discovered when you get sloppy so always be vigilant.

Once you have a hidden email account you need to sign up for the adult dating or affair site of your choice. To create the highest chance of a successful affair you should sign up for multiple sites, but it’s not a necessity. Your profile must be excellent; most guys on these dating sites don’t put in enough effort and see a lower response percentage than they’d like as a result. If you make an effort you’ll get the payoff you crave. Since you’re having an affair you probably don’t want to include a face picture but you’ll have to upload something or no one will respond to you. You could blur your face or try just a body picture. If that doesn’t work then you’ll have to take the plunge and assume that your wife isn’t also browsing the site looking to find an affair.

Send messages to the women you’re attracted to on the affairs site. Don’t be too pushy about a first meeting or conversation but don’t lollygag either. Exude confidence to those you contact and be assertive in your desires. It’s very important that you purchase a burner cell phone so your wife can’t check your bill for the numbers you’ve been calling and receiving calls from. Remember, when you get sloppy or assume your wife isn’t going to investigate is when you get in trouble. When you get someone to agree to a conversation you should have it in a private place and never at home. The car driving home is a decent place.

Your first meeting should be somewhere you’re certain not to run into anyone you know. If that means out of town then so be it. A dark bar or restaurant is also a decent choice and if you can make it look like a business meeting in case anyone stumbles upon you that’s a smart idea. The vast majority of women will respond better if you suggest a meeting somewhere public and safe before you have an affair for real.

Despite the naughtiness and arousing nature of it, you should never have sex in your house. Even if your wife is gone for the weekend or on a month long vacation you should never bring your new lover home. It’s terribly disrespectful, but more importantly it’s a really good way to get caught. You’ll almost certainly make a mistake like leave a condom in the trash. You might make the bed the wrong way or she might leave the scent of her perfume on something. All it takes is something to be a little off and you’re busted, which is the last thing you want.

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