How to Hide Your Tinder Account from Your Spouse

How-to-Hide-Your-Tinder-Account-from-Your-SpouseCheating in a relationship is on the rise. Yes, it has been going on since relationships began, but modern technology has made it more difficult to resist for those who have the impulse and are unsatisfied with their relationships. Unlimited texting messaging, snapchat, and instant messaging for trading pictures, skype for free video chatting, and websites designed specifically for finding adulterous women in your area make having a fling easier than ever. One of the easiest ways though is through the app Tinder, which allows you to market yourself and find women interested in trading pictures or casual sex right in your zip code. Relationships should remain honest, and any impulse to cheat should be discussed with your partner. But if you insist on having a girl on the side, then tinder is a good place to start as long as you successfully keep the account secret from your wife. So if you need to, here are some tips on keeping your Tinder account hidden from your loved one.

Hide the app

If there is any chance of your wife looking at your phone, the first thing you will want to do is to hide the app in a folder or series of folders so that it isn’t sitting out in the open. If she finds it, there is no reasonable explanation you can give that won’t make her suspicious.

Facebook may give you away

Tinder functions through your Facebook account, so it is recommended that you update your Facebook privacy settings so that women on Tinder can’t search your Facebook from the app. If you want to be really safe, you can make a fake Facebook account with some amped-up privacy settings so that even if anyone can be linked to your Facebook, it isn’t actually you. If you do this, though, make sure that your fake Facebook syncs up with your altered Tinder profile, otherwise the women who look you up will be confused and feel like you’re lying to them.

Use a fake name and bio

You don’t have to completely lie on your Tinder profile, but using a fake name and changing some minor statistics about yourself will still market you as a person while hiding your true identity. This is especially important if your wife has single friends who could accidentally see your profile on there and tell your wife about it. If you are six feet tall and 180 pounds, maybe write that you are slightly shorter than that and slightly thinner. Don’t be too detailed with the bio if you don’t want to get caught. For example, rather than saying you went to Ohio State University, just say you went to a Big Ten school. Change your age by a year or two if you want, so that if she or her friends do happen to see your profile, they won’t suspect that it’s you.

Show some body but hide your face

Women who are looking to hookup on Tinder want to see some body. That doesn’t mean you should send them full-frontal pictures the moment any of them match up with you, but your profile picture should represent what you would look like naked so that they can imagine the rest. You could be shirtless or wearing a tight shirt that shows off your build, just as long as it isn’t too graphic. Just make sure you hide your face so that no one can immediately recognize you. Otherwise, your Tinder profile is not going to stay secret for very long.

Be careful about picture location

If you end up posting several pictures on Tinder or sending plenty of pictures to women, be careful that nothing in the background of the pictures can identify you. It’s not exactly keeping it secret if your profile picture has your monogrammed towels in the shot. If you do start adding, sending, and receiving pictures, be smart about where else on your phone those may be. Pictures you take and download end up in your phone gallery and your SD card as well, so be sure that all evidence of your activities isn’t hanging around in your photos. It’ll be hard to explain if your wife sees a bunch of nude pictures on your camera and she didn’t receive any of them.
Use it and lose it

The best way to keep Tinder secret is to use it for its purposes and then deactivate it. Don’t get greedy with trying to get pictures from every hot girl on there. If you find a girl who is willing to trade pictures or meet up, then get the info you need and get rid of the Tinder profile. Otherwise, it is just evidence waiting to be found.

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