How To Pay Off Your Mistress When She Threatens To Expose Your Affair

How-To-Pay-Off-Your-Mistress-When-She-Threatens-To-Expose-Your-AffairA marital affair can be a wonderful, healing thing. When the people involved both have the same goals and aspirations for the affair it can be great. It can also be a terrible thing when feelings change and emotions boil over. It can change your life for the good or the bad. One of the most important things to do when your involved in an affair is having an exit strategy for when you decide it’s time to end it. Knowing what to do when the crap hits the fan is as important as knowing how to keep things under wraps. The reason is because sometimes things can get dramatic. In any situation where sex and emotions are involved there is a potential for things to turn sour. The worst scenario is one where the mistress gets upset and begins to threaten to expose the relationship.

When a mistress threatens to expose the affair to your wife, it is because she wants something. If she demands money immediately, there are a few other things you can do before you pay up, if you chose to. The first is to determine what she wants. Some women will use threats of exposure to garner attention. It may not be anything monumental. I can easily be something you can provide. It may be that she simply needs a little more time with you or more gifts. She may want you to accompany her to a specific event or have a particular date. The first step when your mistress threatens to expose you is to find out what she craves and give it to her if at all possible. It is when she wants something you cannot give her that you have trouble. – Check out a site where scorned women expose homewreckers.

How To Pay Off Your Mistress Quietly

We all know all is fair in love and war. Once your mistress threatens you with exposure, the fight is on. Anything is fair game to get out of this mess she is unwrapping. One recourse is to use what you know against her, just as she is doing to you. If you have spent much time at all with her, you know a few things about her. You can threaten her with exposing her deepest darkest secrets to her family, friends and employers. On the same note, you can threaten to never see her again should she ruin your family life. Offer a truce to get her to understand you mean business. If your exposed, you have nothing left to lose. Making sure she knows exactly what it is she will accomplish – nothing- before she goes forward with the threat means everything.

Beat Her to the Punch & Pay Off Your Mistress

You could always be a little faster than she is and tell your wife and family yourself. If you feel your wife can handle it or there are circumstances where you won’t cause irreparable damage, go for it. Tell your family first and she has nothing to tell. Alternately, you can just say you told your wife and not actually do it. If there is any way you could make you mistress believe the secret is already out, you have it made. Just make sure she doesn’t try to make contact with your wife or family.

Strike a Deal Before Your Mistress Expose Your Affair

If It’s an option, strike up a deal with her. Does she want a car? Maybe she needs some financial assistance until the dust settles. There may be a way to strike a deal with her and she will be satisfied enough to walk away. If you’re lucky enough for that to happen you’ll have to do a few things. First, fall off the map. You will have to become unfindable. If she ever decides she wants more it would help if you are not around. Another thing you should do is let her know this is all your willing to give. If she waits a few months and decides to ask for more, her bargaining power is older and less believable.

Worse Comes Too Worse

If you absolutely have to pay her off, do it quickly and as cheaply as possible. See a list of the 7 highest paid off political mistresses. Hopefully you kept your financial particulars to yourself and your mistress has no idea of your monetary value. It can be one quick and easy payment if you play your cards right. Don’t forget to let her know that you have nothing else to give. Make it clear that you are flat broke now and nothing is left to give. Lay it on thick and make her feel like she is utterly ruining you. This might assuage her thirst for your failure and allow her to move on.

There are a few ways to get around paying off your mistress to avoid exposure of your affair. If worse comes to worse and you have to pay her off, you can minimize the damages if give it some thought.

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