How To spot A Married But Looking Woman

How To spot a married but looking womanA married but looking woman will be a sexual goddess should you manage to get her into your bed. She’s likely unsatisfied by her husband and on the lookout for a man to have some fun with because she’s tired of it. She doesn’t want to leave him or get emotionally attached to you, which means you get to have great sex with a hot chick and because she’s genuinely grateful to be having good sex again you will reap amazing rewards. As the affair continues it will be passionate, connected, adventurous sex like you’ve never had before. So how do you spot one of these mythical and amazing married but looking women?

The easiest and most obvious way is to get online and join a site that specializes in facilitating affairs. There are quite a few of them and some are absolutely fantastic at getting you laid by married women. You’ll have to pay for the privilege (some of the sites get a little expensive) but if you get laid and don’t have to work your butt off in the real world to do so it feels worth it. You can read reviews of those sites here on Affair Handbook and it’s recommended you do.

Remember that these affair sites cater to married women so discretion is the most important quality. Most are not looking to end their marriage, but instead to have some fun for a little while and then move on to another guy or go back to hubby feeling invigorated. You must, in every way possible, ensure her that you’re not going to spill the beans. In your first contact be sure to mention discretion. It’s worth slipping it into every future contact as well. Assure her that you’re not looking for a relationship but just want to have good sex with a woman that deserves it.

Also remember that most of these married but looking women are interested in the opposite of whatever they’re with. All types of men can disappoint their wives to the point that they cheat, but the women that head online tend to have boring husbands. It’s not that they’re bad guys (the women would leave if they were bad or abusive men), it’s just that they’re not exciting. Your best bet to entice them into taking the leap with you is to be exciting and arousing and different. The bad boy thing is good so if you have tattoos play them up.

There are millions of married but looking women that haven’t joined an affair hook up site and while it takes a little more work to locate them it can be done. Your job is to learn body language and the signals married women give off when you flirt a little or simply stare at them a little too long. There isn’t as much to learn as you might think.

Walk up to a married woman and openly hit on her. If she smiles, touches her hair, and opens her body to you with a change in her stance, those are all good signs. If she looks a little grossed out and politely shuts down the conversation she’s telling you she’s not interested. Stare openly at a married woman from across the room. When she meets your gaze hold it for a few seconds and look away. Give it 30 seconds and look back at her. Once again look until she meets your gaze. That second time around is when you can judge her feelings. Does she smile, shift towards you subtly, uncross her legs, brush her hair, show a little more skin in any way? All of those are signs that she’s interested. That’s when you go over and start flirting.

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