How To Use The New Dating App Sapio To Find An Affair

People are attracted to everything under the sun. Some people have unusual fetishes like feet and hair while others go for more average interests like brown eyes or intelligence. Sapio is a new dating app that is solely for intelligent people and people searching for a higher intellect to schmooze with. These folks are called sapiophiles (What is a Sapiophiles?) and it isn’t as uncommon as you’d imagine. Some people are well-aware that they are sapiophiles and others are not. For many, intelligence has been a top priority for every date since junior high prom. While for others, it was more of a slow dawning realization about themselves. Sapio gives everyone the chance to figure it out for themselves. The trick for some sapiophiles is finding someone for an affair. Not really a serious relationship but not casual sex either. The task can be daunting.

Dating App Sapio Makes Finding An Affair Easy

Much like Tinder, Sapio shows users pictures of each other and asks that they swipe right for approval and left to move on to the next photo. The sign up and profiles are a lot like Tinder too. You provide pertinent information on yourself complete with pics and a witty about me section. Sapio’s looking for an affair have a tough time. No matter what your looking for in a relationship, your profile never truly says it. People looking for long time love don’t say that on their profile for fear of scaring off others. They want to seem fun and noncommittal. People looking for a fling do not put that on their profiles either. No one wants to look like the biggest whore on the dating site. Unless that’s their thing. Such as it is, it makes it hard to find an affair no matter who you are attracted to. The key is to be as honest as possible without giving away all the details and then spill the beans when you have a viable catch on the line.

Sapio’s Features Helps You To Find An Affair

To use Sapio to find an affair, you’ll need to use all the intelligence the app credits you with. Sign on with a separate email address and personal info. Like all apps, you set your home location and then the site sends you other users for that area. Your able to choose how far from you the potential matches should come from. One problem with this technique for those looking to find an affair is that you have a better than average shot at being caught. Your neighbor, wife’s family, boss, church friends – anyone at all could see you. Anyone in your neighborhood at least. To find an affair you’ll need to change your home locale. Set up your profile with a zip code far enough from your home that you won’t be introduced to anyone you know or who knows you.

Unique Likes On Sapio Will Help Your Find An Affair

Another good tip to find an affair with Sapio is to use information and personal info about you that is not well known. Your interests and likes are wide and varied. Everyone’s is. Do not list the same things as you have on your social media profiles. Don’t lie about yourself. GREAT ARTICLE – Can you really trust someone you meet online? – You will always get caught. But do tell alternative facts. Take your lesser interests and make a whole new person that is still the old person. In essence, you will have to do this to find an affair anyway. Why not start before you ever find an affair? Design a persona that is you at the core but enough different that you won’t draw any curious eyes.

Dating App Sapio Has It All

Your goal is finding an affair on Sapio and it is not an impossible task, but it isn’t any easier there than on other dating apps. Learn the site well before you sign up and use it with any seriousness. Get a feel for how it works and the people you will find there before you start a serious search to find an affair. Look for women who you are attracted to but also those who fit your bill geographically and in any other respects you’ll need to fill feasibly to find an affair. Use your instincts and choose carefully. Your marriage may depend on it.

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