How Twitter Can Expose Your Affair Fast

Twitter is a social app that we’ve all gotten used to. (Download Twitter Here) The short messages with a powerful punch have come from everyone from your Sunday school teacher to the POTUS. Celebrities use it, political figures, and everyday people. It’s a quick and easy way to catch up with the people and things that interest you. Unlike Facebook, Twitter limits the amount of characters you can use in your message, so you must keep things clear and concise. Hashtags are of particularly good use on Twitter where you’ll find topics of every sort. It is a useful app for personal, family, business, and community messages. People flirts, sell things, buy things and learn things. Unfortunately, people forget how far and wide social media messages can spread and just how fast it can happen. If you are not careful, Twitter can expose your affair before it even gets started good. Click Here: To Read About All Social Apps That Can Expose Your Affair

Your Own Carelessness Can Expose Your Affair

Using Twitter carelessly can expose your affair faster than anything. Using any sort of social media without being mindful can cause all sorts of problems. If you are married, or in a committed relationship, you are only safe when you are posting with your relationship status firmly at the forefront of your mind. Evaluate every message before hitting send. Is this something your family and significant other would expect from you? Does it reveal anything you want to keep secret? You can never forget that everyone you know as well as everyone your wife knows will be seeing everything you post.

Bad Settings Can Expose Your Affair

New Twitter users are especially bad at using the right settings. Some do not even realize they exist. Twitter allows users a lot of settings that can help keep your affair a secret. You can always make your profile private, but most married people follow each other. A secret side profile would work if you wanted to keep your wife off your followers list. You could even block her and all family members from seeing it. You can also lock some posts and pictures to keep certain people from seeing them. Taking advantage of setting such as these can go a long way in keeping someone from exposing your affair.

Pictures Can Always Expose Your Affair

Anytime you post a photo, even if it seems to you to be the most innocent of photos, it can lead to exposing your affair. People are not dumb. Especially if they are looking for something incriminating anyway. They will examine your pics with a magnifying glass and a fine-tooth comb looking for something implicating. The safest course of action is not to include your secret affair partner in any photo of any kind on any social media network at all. If there is even the slightest inkling in anyone’s mind that an affair is going on, you’re only adding fuel to the fire by posting pics of her. Even the most innocent work pics you can take will come back to bite you in the butt.

Leaving Twitter Open Can Expose Your Affair

There is no faster way to expose your affair than to leave your Twitter account open. Get in the habit of logging out of Twitter every time you use it. Anyone can come along and sit down at the computer to find evidence of your affair. It doesn’t just happen on public or shared computers either. It can happen if your wife uses your phone and you haven’t logged out or locked your phone. It can happen if you think no one is around and get up from the computer to use the bathroom. You must be absolutely diligent in staying logged out of the app when not in use.

Twitter can most definitely expose your affair in myriad ways. Just one small slip can make your whole world come tumbling down. Drinking can make it even easier for Twitter to expose your affair because you are more likely to make glaring mistakes that others will see. It is up to you to use it with clear head and conscientious intent. Never forget the ease in which it could all blow up in your face with one wrong tweet.

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