How To Keep Your Wife Happy & Away From Your Affair

How To Keep Your Wife Happy And Away From Your AffairThe old saying, “happy wife, happy life” is one that persists for a reason. We all know how miserable having an unhappy wife can be. If you are someone who is having an affair, an unhappy wife is not only miserable to be around, if you aren’t making your wife happy there is a good chance she is going to go poking around in your private things. If you aren’t making her happy she is going to be looking for a reason.

Women are happiest when they are getting the attention of the man that they are with. If you have found someone else that makes you smile, and are forgetting about treating your wife the way that you used to, she is going to know that something is up. If you aren’t paying her the attention that she desires, she is going to get bored and begin snooping, or she is going to start looking through your things to find out why things between you have changed. Just because you found a good way to find happiness outside of your marriage does not mean that it is no longer your problem to make your wife happy. Trust me, if you don’t make her happy, she is going to do her best to make sure that you aren’t happy either.

These are great ways to keep your wife happy and likewise out of your personal things

Smile at her
If you are too wrapped up in your fling, you aren’t going to be doing the small things that mean the most to your wife. Women want to see the people in their life happy. If you are continually walking around distracted, or saving your smile for your affair, she is going to start wondering what is causing your distance. There is a good chance if you aren’t giving her the affection that you used to, she is going to start looking to see if you are giving it to someone else. Make sure to smile at her frequently to reassure her that you are still into her.

Do the little things
If you want to keep your wife happy do the little things that mean so much. If you are out and you see something that reminds you of her, bring it home. Flowers are a great way to lift her spirits. No matter what is going on between the two of you, if you bring her flowers once in a while, it will erase any concerns that she has about your current relationship. Flowers are a great distraction, easy, and a great way to keep her from looking for things in your personal matters.

Take her out for the night
You are going to want to spend every waking moment with your new and exciting love interest, but don’t forget about your wife and leave her home alone. When women get bored their minds begin to race. She will begin to start looking through things if you aren’t ever around. Instead of going out every weekend and making excuses, take her out once in a while regularly and spend time with her. If you neglect her, she is going to start looking for reasons why. Make sure to still schedule a date night and spend the night talking with her. To women a night out is all they need to feel connected and to stop her from thinking that there is something else going on.

Do things around the house
Sure, you don’t want to do the laundry, who does? If you want to keep her happy, surprise her and do the dishes or the laundry every once in a while. Just the smallest of gestures will keep your wife happy and stop her from looking into your things. When you do the little things for her she assumes that you are thinking about her needs. If you take care of her needs she won’t have any reason to think that you aren’t being faithful to her. It is when you appear to not know that she exists that she will start to get into your things and search around.

Show affection
Just because you are getting sex on the side, don’t forget that she is not. Even if your sexual needs are being met, if hers aren’t, she is going to wonder what is going on. It is important to still show her affection the way that you used to. Whether you were the sexual type of couple or not, you should still show her affection in the same way that you used to. Being consistent and not changing the way that you used to relate and communicate with her, is the best way of not being discovered. If you all of a sudden change in anyway, she is going to go searching for the reason why you aren’t the same.


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