How Pokémon Go Can Help You Meet A Mistress

How-Pokemon-Go-Can-Help-You-Get-a-MistressThe Pokémon Go phase is the latest thing to entrance the universe. Those who aren’t tuned-in to popular culture watch in amazement as people amble around public places glued to their phones chasing anime characters through reality and virtual reality simultaneously. Those who are aware of the trends society goes through have the opportunity to take advantage of the trends popularity and use it to boost their own brands earning power. In fact, the popularity of super-trends like Pokémon Go can be used to enhance everyday people’s lives. This is especially true when it comes to social endeavors like dating. Pokémon Go is especially helpful in finding a mistress because of its ground-breaking status, and its ability to get its users out into the world and interacting with each other.

You’re On the Scene – Let Pokémon Go Help You Meet A Mistress

The most important thing that Pokémon Go does for a man looking for a mistress is get you out there in the midst of a bunch of hot young women playing a game. Best. Place. Ever. For a guy looking for a fun hook up. Realize this now. You are entering a realm dominated by mostly young people, but there are the occasional older women milling about. You’ll find that even those older ladies are full of adventure and fun to be around. Anywhere you are, wherever you go, you have this perfect hook up tool right in your pocket. Realize the gold mine of opportunity this game gives you and grasp it.

Poke-Addicts Unite

So many people are using the Pokémon Go (See the Stats) that it is causing relationship break ups and people are falling off cliffs, running into police cars and discovering dead bodies along with their Pikachu. When something effects the collective whole of humanity, there are some fatalities. There are also a lot of diehard users. The die-hards, or addicts, usually come together to commiserate and use together. Much like any other addiction, the users feel most comfortable around each other. This is the perfect opportunity to meet a mistress. There are even dating sites dedicated to hooking up Pokémon Go addicts.

Find An Affair On Pokémon Go

The fact that this game forces its users to move around in the real world in order to move their in-game avatar is brilliant. It gets you out and about but also interacting with other users to catch and fight characters. The GPS locator function on your phone is a really important part of this game. It is so powerful that some criminals have been using it to locate people standing alone in parking lots or another Pokéstop. These stops can be anything at all from a library or gas station to a park or monument. Payers can place certain game pieces at the spot and attract a specific type of Pokémon. They also attract other players. Take the opportunity to introduce yourself to anyone who strikes your fancy.

Teams and Gym Fights

When you reach level five and become able to choose a team at a gym and battle your Pokémon, even more dating opportunities are unveiled to you. If you’re in a gym that is owned by your team, then your free to train your Pokémon and mingle with the other players who are on your team. If it’s a rival team, you’ll have to fight but you’ll get a chance to meet and greet with the opposing teams and get to know those cats pretty good. Check out the other players in your vicinity. You never know who you’ll find that shares your sexy interests.

Conversation Starter Extraordinaire

Anything that has the public at large talking with such exuberance as Pokémon Go is a great place to begin any conversation. People everywhere are talking about, strategizing and conferring about this amazing augmented reality game and now is the time for you to join in. The next time you’re at a bar, club or lounge and you hear those words Pokémon Go waft through the crowd, put your two cents in and see if you end up meeting a hot trainer. It could even be at work. When the watercooler conversation turns to the hottest new game to hit your Smartphone, show off your experience and knowledge by joining the conversation.

It isn’t hard to take advantage of a social sensation like this to get a woman to be your mistress. Lots of women are out there using Pokémon Go looking for the same thing you are. The trick is finding and engaging them. No matter how cool the newest trend is, it can only help you so much. You have to have a personality, be interesting and attractive too. Pokémon Go can only take you so far. You have to go for the gusto and cross the finish line all on your own. So get out your Smartphone and head out to the nearest Pokestop.

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