What Should You Do If Your Mistress Gives You An STD?

As much as we all like to think that we know the women we have affairs with, the truth is, we don’t. Heck, we’d be lucky if we even know our own wives as well as we think we do. Sometimes the people we know the best throw us the biggest of life’s curve balls. It is even worse when the curve ball is something that can affect your health like an STD, sexually transmitted disease. When this happens, it is hard to know what to do because your emotions are rapidly changing and your scared. If you’re the unlucky guy whose mistress gives you an STD, follow these steps to get back on your feet and in the street. – List of most common STDs

You Must Decide How to Deal with Your Wife if Your Mistress Gives You an STD

Will you tell your wife if your mistress gives you an STD? Will you try to hide it? Maybe you don’t have much sex with your wife. Maybe you are separated or don’t see much of each other. Whatever the situation, you will need to develop a plan of how to proceed. Do not make any decisions on the cuff. Wait till you have all the information you need and spend a few days going over it and considering the situation before you make a final decision.

Take Precautions If Your Mistress Gives You an STD

When you find out for sure your mistress gave you an STD, it is your responsibility not to spread it around further. Decide if you are going to stop sleeping with your wife and any other women you’re involved with, or if you will use a condom. Those are the only two choices you have. Continuing to have sex while infected with an STD is a horrible thing to do. Not only is it morally wrong, it can land you in jail.

If Your Mistress Gives You an STD it Doesn’t Mean She Was Cheating

The first thing that goes through your head when you find your mistress has given you an STD is that she must be sleeping around. That is not always the case. Herpes, HIV, vaginal warts and some other STD’s can lay dormant for years. Some can even be contracted by means other than sexually. It may even be possible that you have had the STD before you slept with your mistress and it has been laying dormant in you for some time.

Treatment is Essential When a Mistress gives you an STD

A lot of emotions go through your head when your mistress gives you an STD. You are scared. You are worried. Will you lose your marriage and family? Is your health at risk? With so much running through your head, it is hard to stay focused on what you should do next. The very first step is to get the most reliable and in-depth testing possible. This is imperative to know the best and most successful route of treatment. As hard as it may be, the only thing on your mind should be getting the proper treatment to clear up the STD and return your body to a healthy state.

If a Mistress Gives You an STD, Consider Safe Sex as a Future Option

Once you have had an STD, no matter the type, you must seriously consider practicing safe sex in even the closest of sexual relationships. People often think if they know someone really well, they can trust them but that is also how many of them catch STD’s . We know STD’s can lay dormant in ourselves and others, using a condom just makes good sense and is an important form of respect to someone who is sharing their body with you.

If you find yourself being the guy whose mistress gives you an STD, you don’t have a lot of options. You have to deal with your wife and your mistress as well as your own health and treatment. Your life will seem as if it has turned upside-down, but the most important thing of all to remember is to stop the disease in its tracks and prevent it from spreading.

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