More Signs You are Married to a Cheating Wife

More-Signs-You-are-Married-to-a-Cheating-WifeIf you’ve been suffering from the uneasy feeling that your wife might be screwing around, you might want to do a little bit of detective work to find out if your fears are based in reality or if you’re simply suffering from low self-esteem and an overactive imagination. How can you weed out the differences between gut instinct and plain old paranoia when you think that the woman you’re committed to is a cheating wife having an affair? One of the first things you should do is assess what exactly it is that has you on edge, and if the evidence seems compelling enough, confront her. Some cheating wives will outright admit it when they are put on the spot. Others will lie through their teeth to try to save their ass so they can continue the façade, enjoying the best of both worlds. If she admits to her infidelity it will save you the time and trouble of snooping, and if she denies the allegations you can decide whether or not you believe her or think that you’ll need to work harder to get to the bottom of things.


Cheating Wives Like To Give To Much Info

There’s an old saying that goes something like, “The more detailed the explanation, the deeper the lie,” and when it comes to cheating wives, this tends to be the truth. While there is an assumption that cheaters will try to dodge questions, this is not usually the case with women. Instead of answering the question of where they have been with a clear and simple reply, you may well receive a long, convoluted story with many more details than she would ordinarily give you. For example: Instead of saying that she was at the movies with her friend Melissa and that was why she didn’t answer your phone call, she may delve into their stop at Starbucks pre-show with descriptions of what she ordered and the conversation they had, moving on to which movie theatre they were at, what they saw, and how Melissa lost her wallet and they searched for it for an hour before leaving. A cheating wife frequently seem to labor under the belief that the more detailed a story is the more believable their spouse will find it. You may also notice discrepancies in her tale, as lies are much harder to remember than the truth.


Be Leery Of Sneaky Behavior

Secretive, sneaky behavior might make you raise your eyebrows; and it should. If all of a sudden she is stepping outside to take phone calls when she never did before, there is probably something she doesn’t want you to hear. A cheating wife may take her phone everywhere she goes, even to the bathroom or putting it under her pillow at night. If she suddenly demands that you not use her computer or phone when she had never minded in the past, especially if she puts them on lockdown with new password protection that you aren’t privy to, it could be to prevent you from reading damning texts or seeing pictures of the dick she’s sucking that isn’t attached to you. Sneaky behavior is a clear sign your wife is having an affair!

When The Sexy Time Stops…She is getting it somewhere else

You’ve experienced a sudden and dramatic change in your sex life, and you can’t quite understand what has shifted her level of desire. Some cheating wives will lose interest in sex entirely when they are getting it elsewhere, and many guys know that this can be a big clue that something is up. What many husbands don’t realize is that it can also go in the other direction. You might think that it’s your lucky day when your wife suddenly goes from wanting it every two weeks to wanting it upon waking and before going to bed at night, but her increased desire may have little to do with you. The excitement of sneaking around makes many cheaters feel alive and invigorated, thus increasing their libido.

Gut instinct can also be a big clue. If you have always and forever thought that people are all out to get you then disregard this; but if you’re usually a trusting guy and you feel like your wife is hiding something, she probably is. It could be that she’s hiding all of the secretive shopping she’s doing, not that she’s banging the guy from the office. Don’t jump to conclusions, but take the time to look for the signs and act accordingly. It can be painful to contemplate, but it would be much worse to find out two kids and an STD infection later that you are married to a cheating wife!

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