Why We Love Morning Sex With Our Affair Partner

Why We Love Morning Sex With Our Affiar PartnerSure sex with your affair is good anytime, but it may be especially good in the morning. There are many reasons why having affair sex is so much more exciting than sex in a committed relationship, but what is the reason why the morning time could bring about so much more pleasure? The reasons why you love to have sex in the morning may be a combination of both physical and psychological factors.

The physiological reasons why sex feels so much better in the morning is because at night time there is a huge buildup of testosterone in the blood stream. There is also a higher level of vasopressin. Vasopressin is a hormone that gives you a heightened feeling of emotional attachment to the one you are with. Even if you don’t want to admit it, you may have that “loving feeing” in the morning because you just want to emotionally feel connected. So, when you wake up with an erection, there are two hormones that are pushing you to want to have sex even more.

If you are having an affair, that may make the prospects of having morning sex much more appealing. Affair sex means that you know that it may be a while before you are able to sneak away and have it again. That means that you know what the day has in order. Chances are good you will be returning to your married partner and not have the excitement of sex with your affair. Knowing that you have to deal with your regular life again makes you want to have one more encounter before going back to reality. Good morning sex with your affair may be enough to hold you over until the next time you are able to find the time.

The problem with wanting to have sex with your affair is that she may not be on the same wave length. Your body may wake up wanting to have sex, but her body is waking up with a different purpose. The reality is that women are more self-conscious about their personal hygiene in the morning, less run by hormonal reactions from the night before, and less likely to want to have sex to cure her day. If you want to get the sex that you crave from her, there are some steps you can take to get your satisfaction and have her get hers too.

Steps To Take Before Morning Sex

Let her have a moment to take care of the things she has to
Women will not be able to enjoy sex if they have to urinate. The same muscles that are responsible for orgasm are tied to urinating. If she has to go to the bathroom, she won’t be focusing on having sex, she will be wondering when it will be over so she can go relieve herself. Before you hop on-board, allow her a second to go pee and if she wants, to go brush her teeth and tidy up a bit.


Although your feeling sexy she may not
If you want to have sex with your affair you will want her to feel sexy. Since hormones are not on your side in the morning, it may be necessary for you to compliment her, or to tell her how sexy she is. If you start with a little dirty talk you will awaken her mind and get her thinking about having sex with you. That will make her feel better about any trepidation she has about the way she smells, or looks.

Ramp up the foreplay
Since the only foreplay that you need is a good night sleep, focus on hers in the morning. Don’t come at her with guns loaded, literally, take the time to get her thinking about arousal and sex with you. If you want her to want to have morning sex before you have to scurry off to work then wake up about fifteen minutes earlier to give her the time to get her engines roaring. Once you get her hormones pumping like yours are, you will both be ready to go. Starting your morning with sex can be one of the best ways to get through any day.


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