Why Paying Off A Mistress Is Cheaper Than A Divorce

why-paying-off-a-mistress-is-cheaper-than-a-divorceThe benefits of having a mistress are undeniable but there are some serious drawbacks that can be detrimental to you personally as well as your marriage. The biggest drawback of all is when your mistress threatens to tell your wife about the affair. Maybe she is tired of sharing and wants to be your main girl. If you broke up with her and she didn’t want that to happen, she could get vindictive. There are myriad reasons a mistress could get upset but when she does the end result could be a request for payment or she’ll tell your wife. You then have a decision to make. See the average cost of an uncontested divorce HERE.

Paying Off a Mistress is a Big Decision

It happened more often than you’d think. When you first take on a mistress, you believe she is the sexiest, most exciting woman you have ever seen. The times you spend with her are intoxicating. You think of her daily and there is no way in the world you’d believe she would want to harm you. Just like every relationship, however, the bloom wears off the rose eventually. One argument leads to another and pretty soon you could be wishing you’d never met her. Then comes the day you try to break it off and she threatens to expose the affair. Your wife, children, family, and job can all be at stake. The decision of paying off for a mistress for a smooth exit is a hard one to make. You’ll want to weigh the particular pros and cons of your relationship and decide if it’s worth it.

Paying off a Mistress is Mystery Territory

You can never be sure that paying off your mistress will put you in the clear. Who is to say that she won’t come back asking for more money later? Or expose the affair anyway? No matter how long you have carried on this affair or how well you think you know her, remember that old saying, Hell hath no fire like a woman scorned. If she is hurt enough, or mad enough, you never know what she will attempt. If you are going to consider paying off a mistress it is imperative to cover all your bases first so she has no recourse after taking the money.

Paying Off a Mistress VS a Divorce

When it comes to paying off a mistress you may find it is quite a bit cheaper than a divorce. A divorce lawyer alone costs a couple thousand dollars at the very least. – 10 things your divorce lawyer does not want you to know – There is also the issue of spousal support and diving jointly owned assets. Homes, cars, boats and everything you have attained during the marriage will be sold and divided between you and your spouse. In some cases, you wife could simply take most of your joint belongings, leaving you with almost nothing. One lump sum to your mistress can definitely be loads cheaper.

Paying Off a Mistress Can be a Huge Relief

They joys of an affair often override the stress factor. Eventually, however, the hiding, sneaking and lying become too much to bare. You find yourself constantly stressed and developing migraine headaches and stomach ulcers. Once the newness wears off and it seems like just another relationship you have to nourish, the stress doesn’t seem quite worth it. In fact, the thought of paying off a mistress really begins to take some shine. One payment to end the mess your life has become sounds pretty good. Once that payment is made, your stress levels are no longer off the charts and your old life seems pretty great again.

Paying of a mistress will only be cheaper than a divorce if you are sure that one payment will send her on her way. The legal costs and other ramifications of a divorce have the potential to be way more costly than a lump sum payment to a mistress. Read the laws behind being extorted and hush money. The other factor is the amount of the payment. If your mistress is demanding a huge figure that will financially cripple you, it may be prudent to just come clean with your wife. Paying off a mistress is an easy way to get out of a mess and avoid a divorce but it won’t always work. You have to cover all your bases and be diligent in your research and fact-finding capabilities.

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