How Much Is Too Much PDA With Your Mistress

How-Much-Is-Too-Much-PDA-With-Your-MistressAdultery has been around as long as monogamy. Some people speculate that human beings were never meant to be in a relationship with one person forever. However, successful monogamous relationships have withstood the test of time again and again. Either way, cheaters cheat, and they will continue to until they are forced to change. Some men have a one-time fling, while other have a secret mistress that they spend plenty of quality time with. Hell, some wives even know about their husband’s mistresses and prefer to just keep playing the charade. Whatever the case, if you have a mistress then there are certain things you can and cannot do. Yes, even having a secret affair has rules.


The Topic Of PDA Can Be Tricky

PDA, public display of affection, is a tricky set of social rules governing how to conduct yourself with your significant other in a public space without making everyone want to vomit are punch you in the back of the head. The stigma of heavy PDA is well-known to everyone unless they are one of the couples whose entire goal seems to be nauseating everyone within a two-mile radius. Now, say you’re out in public with your side girl, maybe at the mall. What’s acceptable in that case? Is it the same as any other relationship, or can it be more or less inhibited? Well, let’s look at this a couple of different ways.
Men are often much more uninhibited with their mistress than their wife, trying and doing things they never would under normal circumstances. Much of the reason some men find a mistress in the first place is for sexual excitement, and often times that translates to getting dirty with her while you’re out in public. Maybe you can’t sneak off with her to the bathroom for a quick lay, but you can make out with her as hard as possible on the bench in front of the Gap and not care who is watching. Here lies the problem, though. You’re tempted to be more handsy with your mistress when you’re out in public with her, but this is generally the exact opposite of what you should do.

When It Comes To PDA Location Is Important

Now let me just say that no one likes even moderate PDA when they are just trying to run some quick errands or relax at the mall. Generally, holding hands is acceptable at any point with anyone. A quick kiss on the cheek or peck on the lips is usually not a problem either between couples. Anything that displays romance or passion, however, needs to be put away. If you even have a quick but deep kiss in front of everyone, well we were just all invited to a front row viewing of your love life completely against our will. We don’t care how happy you are, keep anything more than a peck on the lips within the confines of your home. When you apply this principle to public displays of affection with a woman that you are secretly dating, the situation can become even trickier.

Don’t Let PDA Be The Reason Your Affair Is Exposed

Let’s go back to our scenario at the mall. Is there any chance you might run into someone there that you know, or be seen by your wife or one of her friends? If the answer is a “yes” or even a “well
maybe” then the amount of public affection you are allowed to display with your mistress is absolutely zero, assuming you’re interested in not being caught. As far as you’re concerned, she’s your sister or your cousin that you don’t really like but you’re family so you do inexplicable things like go to the mall together anyway. No hand holding, no kissing, no touching in general. Now, let’s say you’re somewhere that completely minimizes the risk of being seen by someone who could out you. For example, maybe you’re out of town and meeting up with an old fling. Okay, as far as anyone is concerned, she could just be your girlfriend and the original rules of public displays of affection apply as long as you’re not stupid about it.

So there you have it. Pretty simple rules to live by if you want to cheat and not get caught while out in a public place with your girl on the side. I guess there’s always the chance that you’re the kind of person who doesn’t care what anyone else thinks (or care that they keep their food down) and just bang your girl on the table in the middle of the food court. In that case, you wasted your time reading this and have a good life. If you’re happy, then who am I to judge?

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