Pros & Cons Of Having An Affair

People have affairs that is present in every situation is impossible. When you’re having an affair, the emotions run the gambit. There is no feeling you don’t feel or emotion you don’t experience. It is a rollercoaster ride and we all know how addicting they can be. That excitement is just one of the pros of having an affair and there are many. Just like any big life experience, there are cons as well.

Having an Affair – The Pros

There are myriad positive advantages of having an affair. – See the list – The excitement and adrenaline rush are two of the first to hit you. Some think it would be the sex but not so. When you first meet a woman, or first realize she is into you despite your married state, a rush of exhilaration comes over your entire body. People skydive, rock climb, surf and parasail to get this type of feeling and it is very addictive. Similar to a runner’s high, people with this addiction continually search out ways to get the feeling again. People having an affair feel a rush to be doing something so illicit with a new person.

Having an Affair Boosts your Ego
Another big positive of having an affair is the big boost of self-confidence that comes along with it. When someone new is attracted to you, it boosts your self-esteem. You feel attractive again, which many men do not after years of marriage. They forget their prowess among single women. Getting attention from an attractive woman who isn’t scared by your wedding band is a huge ego boost. Suddenly, you feel like going to the gym more often, skipping the double cheeseburger and trading in that old concert Tee for a crisp cotton blend that matches your eyes.

Having an Affair Boosts Your Libido
We all know affairs are about sex. That is the bottom line after all. Some turn emotional, some are about power, but the bottom line in all affairs is the sex. Click Here: To read what its like to be in a sexless marriage. A lot of marriages become so comfortable after so many years that sex becomes an afterthought. It isn’t exciting anymore. It isn’t much to look forward to. Long marriages tend to turn sex into a stale affair. Having an affair brings sex back into the picture. You feel sexual again. You think about it during the day and dream about it at night. It becomes a part of your life again and it becomes intoxicating.

Having an Affair – The Cons

You Can Get Caught Having an Affair
Having an affair is not all fun and games. If you don’t cover your tracks, you can get caught. No one really thinks too hard about getting caught in the beginning. It is too exciting. Things happen so fast, all you care about is keeping it going. Once things progress, you begin to realize the complications that can arise if anyone finds out. It is in that moment that you begin to cover your track and make elaborate lies.

Having an Affair Makes Your Feel Guilty
Eventually, the excitement and allure of having an affair wears off and your left with anxiety and guilt. There will inevitably be good days with your wife while you are having a affair and those will strike up chords of guilt in your mind and heart. You will begin to question the affair and many affairs end at this point. – Learn how to end an affair for good –

Having an Affair Can be Emotional
Sharing a bed with someone on a consistent basis always brings you closer. Spending time together, especially doing something so illicit as having an affair, builds a bond between the two of you that can become increasingly hard to break. Sometimes one or both of you will become emotionally involved and that brings on a whole new set of issues.

Having an affair is can be both rewarding and detrimental at the same time. It may seem impossible but do your best to cover your tracks and keep your wits about you.

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