Can the shape of your face reveal how likely you are to cheat?

Your face could be revealing your fidelity, some research says. These studies have been going on for centuries, but new information is emerging. While the shape of your face has probably never crossed your mind before, it sure will now because researchers say it can tell how likely you are to cheat on your partner. At least Canadians, anyway. A study of college student in Ontario, published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, showed that students who had wider faces engaged in more masturbation and sex than those students who have more narrow faces. The determined those people had higher testosterone levels, sex drives and promiscuity levels. This resulted in more affairs.

The Shape Of Your Face Can Reveal A Lot

The study of the shape of the face, or physiognomy, has previously proven men with wide faces are more prone to aggression. It is not a perfect science and most information gleaned from it is taken with a grain of salt but it useful in many fields as background information. This study and others similar to it showed that the wider the face a person has, the more open they are to casual sex, promiscuity and they have a higher sex drive. Many believe it is a throwback to Neanderthal activity in those with wider heads. Physiognomy is a dubious science not many people believe in. Although you cannot tell it by the pervasiveness into culture that it has shown. Consider common expression such as highbrow or lowbrow humor or personalities. These come from an assumption that highbrow people are more intelligent. Their brows are higher. They are more evolved. They are smarter. Researchers as far back as Aristotle have been making these declarations, who wrote that round faced people were courageous, those with small faces were steadfast and broadfaced people were stupid. These ideas gained popularity in the 16h century as philosophers began to equate certain features with specific personality tendencies. The medical community was determined to find some way to tell what kind a person you were by the way you looked. Eventually, this began to seem culturally biased. Researchers were basically just naming cultural tendencies to basic face shapes and it became apparent that it wasn’t as accurate as they’d hoped. It wasn’t until the 20th century that medical experts began to conduct more reliable tests and reap a far more credible crop of evidence.

The Shape Of Your Face Is Linked To Behavioral

These studies have proven that the dimensions and shape of a person’s face are linked to specific behavioral and psychological traits. In 2014, a study in Psychological Science revealed women found men with wider faces more dominant and handsome during a three-minute face-to face interaction. Those men were perceived to be more dominant and possess more romantic potential in short term scenarios only. Repeatedly, these studies show that people with wider faces have more testosterone and a higher level of sexual aggression and activity.

Such findings impelled researchers to examine whether face dimensions could predict sex drive among both men and women. Two separate studies were conducted to this topic. The teams focused on sex and human behavior, and scrutinized correlations between sexuality and facial features. In the initial study, researchers enlisted 145 undergraduate students in monogamous relationships and asked them about their sex lives. Questions included how often they had sex, how often they wanted to have sex, and whether they had sex with people other than their significant other. Photographs were used to compare the replies with the width of the respondent’s faces. In the concluding study, a prolonged version of the first, 314 students answered even more questions about sociosexual orientation and intended infidelity. For example, attitudes toward casual sex, and sex without love or emotion.

Your Face Shape Can Be Linked To Sex Drive

With all this information, it is possible to believe that facial information does have a correlation with sexual drive and tendencies. What those exact correlations are and what they mean has yet to be discovered. Far more research is needed to discover why this phenomenon seems to be occurring. Preliminary theories include some development during puberty, when testosterone levels are high. In the meantime, we can rest assured that those with a wider face have a much higher chance at cheating than those with narrower faces.

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