Signs Your Wife Is Closing In On Your Affair

It would be a fair assumption to say almost every man in the world has cheated on a partner at some point in his life. Many experts believe human beings were not meant to be monogamous. The times have changed, and many new types of relationships have emerged. Polyamorous, pansexual; there is a name for everything you want to do with everyone you want to do it with. Even with all this sexual freedom abounding, the rules on marriage remain relatively the same. Extramarital affairs are still a big no-no and no one wants to get caught having an affair. Getting caught in an affair has some pretty extreme repercussions. If you are worried your wife is closing in on your affair, there are a few good ways you can tell.

She wants to check your phone more than usual

You should definitely be worried about getting caught having an affair if your wife develops a sudden interest in your cell phone. (How to protect your Cell Phone) This is especially true if she has never done so previously. Has she asked who your texting? Does she watch where you put your phone down? Does she seem to be trying for a peek over your shoulder? If your getting a sneaking suspicion that your wife wants an unmitigated look at your phone when you aren’t around, she probably has a feeling your cheating.

If she is full of questions she is closing in on your affair

After so many years of marriage, people become comfortable with each other’s schedules. They know their spouse’s comings and goings and don’t have to ask. When you’re a little late from work, she just assumes you went to the gym or worked late or was stuck in traffic. You might be about to get caught cheating if your wife has suddenly started asking questions. Does she want to know where you went after racquetball? Has she questioned your regular weekend plans? When a lot more questions become part of your marriage, you’re about to get caught in an affair.

If she is popping up in unexpected places she may be on to your affair

Just as your heading out of work for lunch, you spot your wife’s car at the other end of the parking lot. She’s checking on you. She has a feeling that you aren’t where you say you are when you are supposed to be. It doesn’t have to be a workplace situation. In fact, a suspicious wife will follow you anywhere just to see if your there and who you’re with. If you catch your wife randomly cruising around while your out, you are probably about to get caught cheating.

If she inspects your car you very well may be on to your affair

Most wives will give your car a quick onceover every time she gets in it. It’s a compulsory thing. They look at the garbage in the floor. Check out the random receipt. She might tilt her head to get a look at the prints on the windshield. You have to worry about getting caught in an affair when her inspections become a bit more intense. If she’s digging around under the seats in search of random panties and condom wrappers, you are in big trouble.

If she goes through your dirty laundry she might be on to your affair

Whose wife doesn’t go through their dirty laundry, right? In most homes, the wife washes the clothes, so she is going through pockets and separating colors. You have to start thinking you’re about to get caught in an affair when you notice your wife is sniffing your work shirts. Have you seen her creeping around the hamper late at night pursuing your pockets? Has she taken to shuffling through your jacket pockets in the closet? You might be in trouble. Great Article —> Is it OK To Snoop On Your Partner.

You know your wife better than anyone else. Some of these examples may not be unusual for your wife to do. You are the only one who will really know if she is acting different or feeling distrustful. You will have to use all that you have learned about her to tell if she’s on to you. If you feel she is, indeed, catching on to you, you will need to start taking extra precautions. Make sure you are covering all your bases. Your only other alternative, if you don’t want to get caught cheating, is to cut off the affair.

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