Signs Your Affair Partner Might Be Demisexual

In this age of growing acceptance and tolerance, we’ve begun to hear more terms and descriptions of styles of life. This is especially true when it comes to sexuality. Homosexual people have been around as long as humanity, but more and more people are identifying by things that aren’t so easy to recognize. Anyone could identify as an asexual, pansexual, bisexual, and even demisexual. Demisexual people feel no sexual attraction to another, until a connection is made emotionally or mentally. This type of sexuality is often confused with sapiosexuals, who are people who are attracted to highly intelligent people. If you are getting involved with someone who seems a bit aloof at first, you may be having an affair with a demisexual. Here are some key signs to look for to find out for sure. [Great Article – Five Things You Need To Know About Demisexual People]

Did you Start Out as Friends?

This is a big one. Although, demisexuals can and do have sex with people without the deep emotional connection, it isn’t as satisfying on a deeper level. If your affair partner was first a close friend, she is probably demisexual. Sex with you become something more when she found a friend in you. That friendship connection is a turn-on to her. Utter trust and complete security are a big part of great sex to demisexuals. You’ve already been through the silly, lovey honeymoon stage while you were just friends. You can now enjoy the comfort of an older relationship.

She Seems to be Attracted to Other Men – But Just for a Minuet

You can always tell when the girl you’re with finds something attractive in another man nearby. It could be a waiter or an acquaintance of yours. You see her eyes flicker or a small smile curve her lips, but nothing that would make you feel jealous. Nothing at all that would look like it was leading elsewhere. Demisexuals are not dead from the waist down until you spark up an emotionally connection. They feel attraction, if only for a moment.

Friendships Kind of Confuse Her

Connections of the mind are extremely sexy to demisexuals. That makes determining what kind of friendship you have somewhat difficult. Every male friendship she has will have to take a few days to roam around in her head. She will have to see him from all points of view and figure out her feelings and desires.

She Has a Reputation as an Ice Queen

You know the type. She is the girl everyone has asked out but never got her to go. She’s mostly seen with her gal pals at the coffee shop or hanging at Girls Night Out. She may be refraining from sex but that doesn’t mean she isn’t willing. First, she must make an emotional connection to the man in question. Hopefully, that man is you.

Build Intimacy

The fasted way to a demisexuals heart is to build intimacy. [Find Out What A Demisexual Is Here] Intimacy does not necessarily mean sexual or romantic activity. It is trust and safety in the person you are spending time with. It is feeling that there is no one else you can tell something to or behave in a certain way with. Intimacy is a feeling that you know a person really well.

Conversations Always Precede Sex

If your affair partner gets turned on more the longer you converse, you probably have a demisexual. The act of engaging minds and forging a relationship outside of sexual activity is the main point for her. The sex is secondary. The act of the mental connection is the real stimuli for her.

A lot of people are turned on by parts of a personality. Some women like funny guys. Other women prefer sports-oriented fellas, or those with dashing careers. It isn’t so unusual that you have found an affair partner that is turned on by intimacy and connections. It wont always be easy to tell if she is demisexual. You may have to do some introspective thought and a bit of research, but you’ll figure it out. One final thing to remember is that just because she gets hot with a close connection doesn’t mean she isn’t into casual sex. It just means she likes it with a man she’s connected to.

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