When Is sleeping with a married but looking woman OK?

Men and women have affairs at roughly the same rate, meaning there are lots of married but looking women out there if you’re interested. If you have an affair with a married woman you will experience some of the best sex in your life, but you might also experience an overwhelming sense of guilt. It all depends on where your head is at and how badly you want that married woman sex (the more you want it the more you’ll rationalize your behavior).

First, the good stuff. A married but looking woman is almost certainly not getting what she wants at home. That means her sexual frustration is high and so is her desire for a satisfying experience with a man. When you step up and become the man that gives her what she craves you get to reap the rewards of some of the most passionate, energetic, exciting sex of your life. That’s the primary reason you should have an affair with a married woman. Unless you’ve done it before you really can’t imagine just how great it feels to get wild with a woman that hasn’t been made love to by a man in a manly way in years, maybe longer. All that energy will spill out in one amazing night or over the course of a few weeks and you’ll be there to soak it all up and learn just how fantastic find an affair with a woman that wears a ring can be.

There are two sides to that affair with a married woman though. Remember, she has a husband and he’s being cheated on. How would you feel if your wife/girlfriend cheated on you (or how did you feel when it happened)? There are a number of outcomes. First, he could never find out if she’s just blowing off a little frustration and will be done with you in a short period of time. If she’s smart about it and has no desire to end her marriage that’s the most likely outcome. Second, he could find out about it and either get divorced or go through a hellishly tumultuous time in their marriage, something you’d be partly responsible for because you were the one sleeping with the married but looking woman. Third, he could find out about it, get really angry, and find you to extract vengeance for sleeping with his wife. That one is really scary but it rarely happens so it’s a small risk.

So how do you decide if you should have an affair with a married but looking woman? You should start by weighing the amazing pleasure of the sex against the possible fallout. To help you make that decision you should spend a little time with her before you start the affair. If she seems particularly angry at her husband you should pass. The angry women always make sure hubby finds out because they want to hurt him. They tend to not care so much about you, which is why your name is sometimes mentioned as the husband gets angry and wants to take that anger out on the man that slept with his wife. Watch out for that.

There are a few other things to consider. She’s going to have an affair one way or the other, so whatever is going to happen with her husband is likely to happen no matter what and you might as well get in on that. Her husband might also be having an affair or have had one, in which case she’s simply getting a little something for herself. Also, if she’s really hot and seems a good bet to be a total tigress in bed then you should just go for it because the sexual experience will be one of the most memorable of your life.

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