Sneaky Places to Find an Affair

Sneaky-Places-to-Find-an-AffairWhether you’re an old hat or this is your first time, finding a sneaky place to have an affair can be hard. Getting caught is a real threat. No one wants to ruin their marriage, just have a little fun, so the place you chose to find an affair must be fail proof. This must not be a haphazard undertaking. Oh, contraire. The place you find an affair is as important as the place you conduct the affair. You must put a lot of thought into where the least likely place would be to find an affair. If your spouse takes the time to think about where you have been, would it rouse suspicion? To be successful at an affair, the answer must be no.

Sneaky Place #1 – Religious Outings and Affairs

While it is far from unheard of, (One example of a church affair) church, Mass or some other religious affair can be a very sneaky place to find an affair. Church does not make a person devoutly religious. There are some people who go only for how it makes them appear to others. Some women actually go to church to find an affair. It is a perfect place to find lonely housewives and stay at home moms without much of a social outlet who are simply dying for affection. It should not be your own church or anyone’s that you know. Instead, try a revival or church picnic in a neighboring town or while on a business trip.

Sneaky Place #2 – Library or Bookstore

If you like to read or do some type of research like genealogy, the library is a great sneaky place to find an affair. It’s always best to leave the town you live in to find an affair so scout out the library in the next biggest city from yours. Decide upon your research topic beforehand if that’s going to be your excuse. If not, make sure to be seen around the house and beside the pool with your favorite author’s book. It’s a good idea to start a trilogy or series of books so you’ll always have a reason to go back. A bookstore is another great place. Women love to peruse the isles and its even better if there is a coffee shop attached to the bookstore. Going to a library or bookstore also gives you a great conversation opener.

Sneaky Place #3 – Casino

Women are everywhere in casinos but if you’re married your wife probably won’t want to go watch you gamble your life savings away. The women in casinos are usually drinking cocktails, hence less inhibited. Depending on the casino your visiting, they are most often dressed to the nines as well. There are also a lot of women who work in casinos so you’re liable to find a dealer or waitress that strikes your fancy. There is a lot of money floating around casinos too so you might get lucky and find a woman with a load of cash.

Sneaky Place #4 – Thrift Store

Lots of people enjoy a good bargain and many of them are women. Check out the Goodwill stores and vintage thrift shops a few towns away from yours. A good place to look is in the used book isles and housewares. If your caught perusing the women’s clothing isles you’ll look a little suspicious. Vintage DVD’s and records are also good things to look for. Many women dig the vintage stuff and it will you a perfect conversation opener.

Sneaky Place #5 – Convenience Stores

It seems that hot girls always work at the corner 7-Eleven. It pays the bills between school and a career plus it’s an easy job to quit and move onto something bigger and better. Be sure to scan the check-out chicks at the convenience stores while you’re gone on business trips. These types stores are also great to catch those hotties on a beer run heading back to the beach or the party.

Sneaky Place #6 – Movie Rental Store

If you’re lucky enough to still find a movie rental facility close to your town or while out on business, give it a shot. Talking about movies is always fun no matter who your talking to so it makes conversation easier and makes you seem more confident. People slowly move at their own pace in these shops as well, so you have time to think things out and make a witty comment.

Sneaky Place #7 – Electric Cigarette Shop

Vapor lounges and electric cigarette shops are all the rage now. Much like a hookah lounge, people can sit around, vaping their ecigs and enjoy each other’s company. The type of ecigarette your using and the flavor of the eliquid make wonderful conversation topics. This growing trend is drawing women by the boatload for its health benefits and lack of stinky cigarette smoke.

There are plenty of sneaky places to find an affair if you just put your mind to it. Just remember to get out of the town you live in.

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