Sneaky Ways to Text Your Affair Partner without Arising Suspicion

Sneaky-Ways-to-Text-Your-Affair-Partner-without-Arising-SuspicionBeing in a committed monogamous relationship is tough work, and not every couple can survive. Cheating in a marriage happens for plenty of reasons, whether or not some consider them justified. Usually, one of the partners falls out of love with the other, or perhaps one of them is not a person who can tolerate monogamy. In an honest marriage, these issues should be discussed as they arise. Many relationships are not fully honest, however, and some partners do feel the need to cheat for one reason or another. If this is the case for you, maybe you should really think about whether or not you’re happy in your relationship. I’m not here to judge you though, so if you do decide to have an affair, at least try out some of these tips for texting your secret girl (How To Flirt Over Text) without raising suspicion or getting caught.

Text her in the shower

If you don’t already bring your phone into the bathroom with you when you shower, it might seem suspicious to your wife if you suddenly start doing it. Assuming you have a smartphone, get into the habit of playing music off your phone when you go into the bathroom so that she will no longer think twice about it. Then, it’s just a matter of bringing the phone carefully into the shower. Waterproof cases aren’t very expensive, or you can just put your phone in a plastic sandwich bag and seal it up tight to text her without ruining your cell.

Change the name of your girl-on-the-side

If you are around your wife a lot, she will start getting suspicious if you are texting more than usual and there’s no name for the contact (or a girl’s name). A good way to get around this is to change her contact name on your phone to the name of a buddy she knows you have. That way, you can easily say you are going to start working out with him or some excuse and that’s why you’re texting so much. Just make sure you differentiate her name a little so you don’t get them mixed up. Your buddies won’t appreciate your dirty pictures!

Avoid suspicion by avoiding looking suspicious

It seems pretty straightforward, but we all tend to have “tells” when we are doing something we shouldn’t be, and you better believe your wife will know every single one of yours. – Common Signs Someone Is Lying – So if you don’t want to get caught, don’t act like you are doing anything wrong. Don’t angle your phone away from her so she can’t see the screen, don’t set the phone face-down instead of screen-up, and she won’t even be paying attention to it. If your phone is vibrating a lot, it can start to seem a little suspect, so a better strategy would be to keep your phone on silent and just casually check is once in a while and return some texts.

Store pictures and videos in a safe place

If you and your secret boo have been exchanging pictures or videos of an intimate nature, make sure you don’t keep them in the conversation on your phone. Sending the dirty multimedia messages to a safe email address for storage and then deleting them off the phone is a good way to keep them secret. There are also plenty of free apps on smartphones that allow you to lock away certain pictures and videos that require a password to get into. Go Here for a list. If you grab one of these apps, however, then make sure you can explain its existence if your wife finds it on there!

Memorize and delete

You may be loath to erase some of the conversation you and your affair girl have, but anything on your phone is simply incriminating evidence waiting to bite you in the butt. The safest bet for you is to delete the whole conversation regularly, or at least any details that could be viewed as unacceptable by your wife if she decides to snoop on your phone. If there are addresses or phone numbers in there that you need, your safest play is to simply memorize what you need and delete it anyway. When the time comes that the secret affair is no longer secret, every exchange with this girl is just another piece of evidence crushing you.

Adultery is a dangerous game, and there is never a winner. The odds are that eventually you will get caught for one reason or another. Maybe you decide to tell her, or maybe she finds clues the one time you aren’t careful and figures it out. Whatever the case may be, texting smart can hold off the inevitable and at least give you the chance to break the news on your own terms rather than getting caught.

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