How To Spot A Woman Interested In Getting Involved With A Married Man

How To Spot A Woman Interested In Getting Involved With A Married ManI know most men who read the title of this article said to themselves, “What women who want to get involved with a married man? There aren’t any, that’s why you can’t spot them.” This is not the case. In fact, it couldn’t be farther from the truth. When people think of a sexual revolution, they most often think of the 1960’s or even the 1970’s when gender roles loosened up and more people opened up to the concept of sex before marriage and even sex outside the marriage. Suburban parents began to have “key parties” when the kids went to bed. All the partners would put their car keys in a bowl. Each wife would pull a set of keys from the bowl and whomever they belonged to was who she slept with that night. Playboy magazine began to really make waves and the porn industry became more mainstream.

Fast forward to the new millennium and relationships have morphed into entirely new entities. Monogamous relationships are no longer the ideal situation for many people. Emphasis is being steadily shifted to individual happiness’s as opposed to adapting to what society dictates for its citizenry. Young, dating people have what they call a hookup culture in that sex is often the only thing they are looking for. This hookup culture has gradually leaked into the dating culture as a whole and it isn’t unheard of to see married men and women dating outside their marriage, both transparently and not so much so. It is so common, as a matter of fact, there are entire dating websites dedicated solely to married people looking for sex or a relationship outside their marriage.

While, of course, there are women who just won’t be interested in a married man, no matter how charming he is. For some it rubs them the wrong way because it was done to them or it goes against her upbringing. Others don’t relish the thought of someone else’s man being inside them too and others just fear drama that can come in these types of situations. You have to know going in that not everyone is going to go for it but the odds are good. Your best bet is to learn how to spot a woman interested in getting involved with a married man.

Flirty Eye
You know the ones. You catch them sitting across the dining room from you in your wife in restaurants. You see her checking you out and make eye contact. Every time your wife gets up from the table, sexy eye is staring you down with that come-hither smile. She wants you to see her, she is bold and beautiful and definitely interested. The trick is getting your number to her without Armageddon igniting. That, my friend, I’ll leave up to you. Good luck.

Making Time
Does it seem like the neighborhood watch coordinator asks for your help an awful lot? Is she always popping up on your run and does she usually stroll by when you’re mowing the yard? Yea, she wants it. Go ahead and make a move because I can tell you from here she is all in. If she makes time to run into you and asks for your help, she want it whether you’re married or not. She may be married herself or maybe she’s just curious. You may want to be careful in situations where the woman is obviously physically attracted to you. While it sounds like a good thing at first, these are the kinds of girls who could become obsessed. Remember Glenn Close, Fatal Attraction, 80’s movie? Stop what you’re doing and stream it immediately, if not. It is the standard cautionary tale for all married men who have affairs. A must see. It could save your life.

View from the Top
When some women are attracted to a man, they begin to surreptitiously, silently and slowly show him her assets, married or not. You may notice she shows more cleavage each time you see her. Or her hem gets short and the heels get taller. Have you noticed that you co-worker brings her cleavage down to eye level quite a bit here lately? Does she cross and uncross her legs while chatting you up at the break table? You got her on the hook, pal. (or she has you) Now, reel her in.

There are plenty of women in the world who are interested in married men for one reason or another. Even though the world’s views in such things have slacked considerably, most of those women won’t make their attractions and desires public. The signs are there and you have to pay attention to them in order to see them.


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