Tactics Used To Catch Cheaters & How To Avoid Them

Tactics Used To Catch Cheaters & How To Avoid ThemSome people are firm believers that everyone cheats eventually and periodically. There is no doubt that long-term marriages can stifle the participants and become dull and mundane. Sometimes, despite all efforts to fight that particular outcome, it still happens. There are many people who feel an occasional affair can actually be helpful to the lengthy relationship blues. Younger women often seek out married men in need of a dalliance because it suits their needs and wants at that point in their lives. While the sugar daddy/ sugar baby relationship may seem to be the tonic for your ailing marriage, there is a good chance your wife will not see things the same way. This is not to say it is impossible. Some wives are all for the open marriage technique, even if just for a short span of time. However, more often than not, if your wife catches wind of your affair she will go out in search of proof.

A suspicious wife will often flatly confront you as a first response. Your first reaction will be to deny it but you will be aware that your wife is suspicious. The most common way curious wives choose to search out information on their husbands is by hiring a private investigator, or P.I.. Not only for cheating men, these investigators bags of tricks work well at catching cheating wives as well. These investigators have tried and true tactics used to catch many a cheating husband. Some are sneaky, others smart and some just plain underhanded. The good news is they are not infallible and there are ways around these tricky strategies if you are alert and conscious of the situation. They key is to make yourself aware of the tricks, as well as when and where they are best employed and arm yourself against them.

One of the first things your wife will attempt at the advice of her private investigator is to peruse your phone and computer for evidence of an affair. Obviously, the best route to go is to never allow your phone or computer to be confiscated. Keep your text messages deleted at all times. Use the setting on your phone to delete messages automatically. Never keep photos, no matter how much you like them. One good idea is to get a burner or throw-away phone to use solely for your sugar baby. Your computer will be another target. If it’s a laptop, you can take it to work and leave it there. If you have to bring it home, make sure you know where it is at all times. If it’s a desk top computer, there is a good chance there is surveillance software installed. These software programs can do a multitude of things from recording your activity to taking periodic screenshots of the sites you visit. Keep in mind, if you are under investigation, all your social media profiles will be under strict supervision. Stay safe by deleting all your browsing history each time you use the computer as well as using incognito tabs that keep your history private.

More than likely, you are also under personal surveillance. Every time you leave the house you can assume someone is watching, taking photos and following you. Private investigators will often team up and have two or more employees on a stake-out. This ensures they will not lose their targets in traffic or crowded establishments. It is harder to tell, in this day and age, if you are under surveillance. Everyone has a smartphone. People all around you are always taking photos, selfies, videos and Snapchats. It is imperative to be aware of your surrounds and alert to how, where and why these folks are snapping shots. Trying to run away or other subversive tactics will not help. The most sure fire way to ruin an investigation is to confront the investigator. Blowing his cover will destroy his chances at catching you in an act of impropriety. They will probably come up with an excuse they feel is plausible. The investigator may say that he grew up in the area or that his grandmother was from the area. He may even say he is a reporter or author researching the area. The best route to go would be to tell him you do not believe him and if he continues to follow you, you will call the police. Another sure-fire technique, if you feel someone is following you, is to follow them. Follow them until they leave and then continue to follow them. It is not easy but, if you are alert and diligent, you can avoid the investigators techniques.


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