Tinder Opening Lines That Work for Married Men

Tinder-Opening-Lines-That-Work-for-Married-MenLooking for a date when your married is not an easy task. It is admittedly easier in this age of technology than it was years ago but it still isn’t very simple. It is a matter that must be taken very seriously and approached with great caution. Some women will not consider dating a married man (Read the pros & cons) while others date them exclusively. There are still others who don’t mind either way, it all depends on the man and their relationship. So how will you ever know if you stand a chance without asking? As we already mentioned, technology is a big part of the dating game in this new era. Make the best of both worlds by using some of the best Tinder opening lines known to man. They entail intrigue, romance and a little cleverness to give just enough excitement to get her to make that swipe. You have to elicit and emotion to get a response. You want it to be the right emotion and not the one that leaves you with a virtual slap in the face.

Personalize it

If she has taken the time to swipe her interest in you, the ball is in your court. It helps to personalize your message to her so she knows you aren’t talking to any girl that swipes right. Open with a line about a mutual hobby or a shared experience. Peruse her profile to find the perfect nugget of information that could connect you both. She’s more likely to forget your imperfections if you wow her right off the bat.

Touch Her Funny Bone

Every poll of women ever taken has shown they are partial to men with a sense of humor. Men that can make a woman laugh automatically have her at ease and more open to conversation. Come up with an icebreaker that shows your human and just as scared as she is and the odds are definitely in your favor.

GIF is the Way to Go

No one would have been saying this 10 years ago but recent dating studies have shown that messages with GIF’s get almost 40% more responses than just plain text. The research that Tinder itself put out showed that GIF messages are almost 30% more likely to get responses. Let’s face it. It can’t hurt. Choose carefully, however. You want your humor and personality to show but you don’t want to look like a weirdo.

Foodies Forever

This is kind of weird but it kind of makes sense too. Dating research has shown that women are more likely to respond to men who open with food related messages. The number crunchers at Buzzfeed stated that their female users were 40% more likely to respond if the opener contained a food pic. If you can cook, all the better. Lots of married men have developed wonderful culinary talents and now is as good a time as any to show them off.


Using animals is tricky. You want to use your own animals because women will of course ask if it belongs to you. If your married, you may have a lot of cropping to do. You don’t want pics of the wife and kids as your profile pic. After which you can tell a heart rendering tale of love and devotion. Alternately, you can use a funny pic of an animal obviously not your pet like a camel or a giraffe. Women enjoy animals usually and funny pics are always winners. Try not to sound like a geek with no social game.

Quotes and Poetry

I would only go this route if it relates back to personalization. If her bio says she really wants to meet a man like Lord Byron, put Google to work and come up with a great opening line. If she’s interested in literature this could work too. Throw some Shakespeare out there and see what happens. He could be a little risqué. A quote from her favorite book or poem could work too. Take the time to go over her profile and pics to get an idea of what may appeal to her in an opening line.

Be Yourself

The most important element to remember is to be yourself. Read the how to guide. Married or not, the true you has to shine through or no one will ever get to know you. Be who you truly are. Show your personality in the jokes you make and the comments you send. Try to show your authentic self in each picture you post. Those are the important parts of life and those are the parts that will carry you through a relationship if that is where it goes.

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