Tinder or Pure? The Best App to Find an Affair

Finding an affair is easier than ever with the onset of all the new dating apps and hookup sites. The trick is choosing the best app to find an affair. There are so many. They do the same thing but with a slightly different angle, if your lucky. If you aren’t lucky, you’ll find the same old thing over and over with every app you check out. What many users are saying in today’s affair world is either Tinder or Pure are your best bets. Your choice of the best app to have an affair is going to be one of those two apps. The choice you make will depend on your very specific needs and situation. There are a few things to consider when making your choice in the best app to find an affair.

Is Speed Part of the Best App to Find an Affair?

Do you need a dating app to be fast? Is speed something that is important to you when you are looking to find the best app to find an affair. The age of technology has made us very used to getting what we want at a moments notice. Dating is no different. Most of us want to see potential dating matches immediately. We want to see our choices, make our swipes and be on with it. This is one area that both Tinder and Pure are similar. They both show their matches as soon as you log on and give you the immediate option to make contact.

Is Discretion Part of the Best App to Find an Affair?

All the dating and hookup apps boast a certain amount o discretion. If your volleying between Tinder and Pure for the best app to find an affair, Pure is going to win the race in discretion. Many dating and hookup apps want you to connect via your Facebook app. (Download here: Android / Apple ) No one seems to understand how stupid that is. Pure doesn’t require you to connect via Facebook or give up any identifying information that could connect you to the app. Everything you put on the app is destroyed within the hour leaving no trace that you ever used it.

Is Game Playing a Part of the Best App to Find an Affair?

Most people are going to answer no right away to this question. When you want to get into an affair or one-night stand situation, the last thing you want to do is play the old cat and mouse game. With Pure, you are able to cut right to the chase. There are no back and forth flirty messages because it is understood that everyone came there for the same thing. The whole idea behind Pure, nicknamed the Uber of dating apps, is to get to the deed and go home. No games needed.

Is Dating Outside Your Social Circle a Part of the Best App to Find an Affair?

Pure is a dating app that is geared toward hookups. Anonymous sex is the name of the game. No one wants or expects a relationship to blossom from the use of the app. It matches you to people who are close to you and ready to meet for sex. Tinder, on the other hand, matches you to people based on a variety of other contingencies you placed when you signed up. You have a chance at dating. People on Tinder usually take it off the app first by exchanging phone numbers. On the Pure app, you may not even know each other’s real names.

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Deciding between Tinder or Pure as the best dating app to find an affair is purely a matter of your own personal preferences. While much the same, these two apps are different in very small but important ways. You’ll find that one will easily become a favorite over the other. It won’t be a hard choice. It all boils down if you are in the need of NSA, one-night-stand sex or if you’d like something more. Once you make that decision, the rest comes easy. To do so, take deep inventory of yourself and make a list of what you want in your life right now. Weigh it against the advantages of both apps and you’ll find the best app to find an affair for your situation


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