Tips for Making Mistress Day Special

Mistress Day and Valentine’s Day. The two holidays that we men are expected to be romantic, charming, loving, and appreciative all at once. You either love it or hate it. If you have more than one woman in your life, these two days can be pure hell. Especially if you don’t have a good game plan. While it doesn’t take an immense amount of effort to pull off a great Mistress Day, it does entail a fair amount of thought and a little planning. Follow these tips to make this Mistress Day the best ever.

Choose Another Day To Celebrate Mistress Day

Your mistress isn’t the only one interested in what you’re doing on Mistress Day. In fact, your wife is also tuned into the day’s happenings. Mistress Day is not a secret. Everyone knows about it. Your wife will be keeping an especially close eye on you from the 13th through the 15th, the days you are most likely to be visiting any extramarital relationship partner. Changing the date of your own personal Mistress Day to one when you won’t be so finely observed will ensure you carry on with your festivities without interruption.

Little Things Mean the Most On Mistress Day

She might be expecting some big, grand, gesture, and you may be able to afford just that. If you are after a bigger impression, however, smaller gifts are the way to go. If you are handy, handmake a gift (click for some ideas)Write a poem. Sing a song. Put together a scrapbook or a photo album of precious moments. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift, just something that resonates with her and shows you gave it some thought. If you can afford the fancy, expensive gift, it doesn’t hurt to throw in something thoughtful and emotional to sweeten the deal.

Dedicate The Day To Your Mistress

One thing no mistress gets enough of is your time. Dating a man with a family and more prominent responsibilities automatically means you get less time. It also means the time you get can be disturbed at a moments notice. A sure-fire way to make big brownie points with your mistress is to dedicate an entire day to her. Uninterrupted. No cell phones. No time checks or quick departures. Just you and her. Make sure she knows she has your undivided attention and she will appreciate it more than you realize.

Do Something She Has Always Wanted to Do

Mistresses often get the fuzzy end of the popsicle. Things do not go their way a lot. Their dates get cancelled. They are hidden away like bad mistakes and shuffled around corners when potential witnesses appear. It isn’t very often that the mistress gets to go where she wants to go and do the things she wants to do. You may have to make some provisions, such as going out of town, to make things work.

Be Quirky, Its Memorable

No matter when the affair ends, and most do, you will want to be remembered in some small way. Maybe not as the one that got away so much as the one she liked the most. All it really takes to make a Mistress Day special is to pull some cute, quirky stunt and make her smile. Relive a scene from her favorite movie or book. Give her a singing telegram or act out your own personal strip tease. Do something fun, unusual, and out of character and she will remember it long after your relationship is over.

Give Her Something Personalized On Mistress Day

It might sound crazy to personalize anything to your mistress, but it doesn’t have to be with anything identifying. Every couple has their pet names, favorite songs, or movie quotes. Use something that makes her think of you and put on whatever you want. You can have absolutely anything in the world personalized. Get her a pillow, coffee, mug t-shirt, or mouse pad with your special saying on it. Personalized jewelry is always a big hit. Sparkly phone cases and tablet covers are easy to personalize and make great gifts. You can also stick with her name, initials, and monograms.

Get Her a Pet For Mistress Day

Pets are a gift that really means something. There isn’t a mistress alive who hasn’t always wanted a little poofy lap dog, a giant Great Dane, or an African Parrot. Whatever her dream pet is can serve double duty as a companion on the days you can’t be around. This one might be pricier than most, however. Especially if you have to tend to the care and upkeep of an animal. Consider vet bills, food, bedding etc. Like all expensive things, it will be a gift that means a lot to her and keeps you in her mind for a long time.

It isn’t hard to make Mistress Day special for that special lady. A bit of thought and planning will have her overcome with delight and you reaping the rewards.

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