Using Social Media As A Tool To Hide Your Affair

using-social-media-as-a-tool-to-hide-your-affairWhen you think of social media, the last thing you think of it as is a place to hide anything, much less evidence of an affair. In fact, most people look at social media sites as the place that you will find an affair. They are notorious for bringing out the flirty side of people and more than a few affairs have begun on sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. What many people do not realize is that social media sites can be a great help to hide your affair.

Hide Your Affair with Decoy Apps

So many people use social media apps to hook up and have affairs. Go Here to learn about social media affairs. It can easily be discovered if your spouse knows your password or you leave your account logged in. Your spouse may even have access to your phone and be able to see your messages. One way to stop that is to use a decoy app. Once installed on your phone, decoy apps can be used to hide social media apps. They make them look like other types of apps. When your wife looks at your phone and sees an app for sorts scores or golf tips she will hardly be tempted to check it out. Some even appear to be a calculator or the icon for the camera or stopwatch. It is super easy to hide your affair with a decoy app.

Hide Your Affair with a Fake Profile

If your using your social media account to have an affair, you had better have a fake account. See how many accounts on Facebook are actual fake HERE. Even the slightest hint that it may be you could set your affair out on front street. Setting up a fake account means using absolutely none of your own information. Use a fake name, address and job. Put up fake phots and even use an alias. Don’t even use your correct age or birthday. Using a fake profile lets you hide your affair and still be able to speak freely and have fun online.

Hide Your Affair with a Social Media 3rd Party Dialer

Making a receiving phone calls from an illicit lover will always be dangerous. Your affair can be found out at any time with a glance through your phone bill. One way to detour that discovery is to make your phone calls through a third-party dialer like the Facebook’s make a call feature or Skype. These calls cannot be traced unless someone knows your password. If you are careful about your passwords and always log out of your account, you should be able to pull this off pretty easily. It also takes a lot of stress away since you don’t have to worry about someone accidentally finding your call log. Hide your affair calls with a third-party dialier to ease your mind and make life easier.

Hide Your Affair with Secret Social Media Play

We have discussed setting up fake accounts to hide your affair. Another way, similar to a fake account is to use your account as proof you’re not cheating. Every single post you make should resonate with your happy marriage. It is important to fil in your affair partner to the scam. Make sure that she posts innocuous, totally platonic posts. It is best if it is only related to whatever scenario your using to pose as her acquaintance. All comments from both of you should be vague and bland. No flirting at all. If you need to exchange messages, have code words that no one can understand but the two of you.

Having an affair may be easier than ever now that social media websites are such a part of our everyday lives but there is still a chance you can get caught. No matter how sure you feel, you must always take safety precautions and you can never be too careful. Anyone who wants to cheat will find a way. Whether social media is available or not, a person who wants to cheat will find a way to get it done. Using social media to hide an affair may be a new way of thinking, but it won’t be long until those tricks too are well-known and irrelevant. Hiding your affair takes a lot of time and attention to detail no matter which technique your using.

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